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"Review after 1 month"
So I’ve been using this kit for more or less a month and I think it has its pros and cons. So first the good thing is that the redness of my acne scars did disappear but you can still see some redness that I think you can easily cover with makeup. Then, the cons. I don’t think that my skin tone brightened. In the video it was clear that the woman’s skintone brightened a lot! But maybe bc I had such high expectations I don’t think it really worked on me. Also I have been noticing that more frequently I have been having little pimple on my cheeks which I really rarely had in the past.
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"it worked"
My skin has improved it look brighter and healthy, thankyou
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"I was wondering "
Hiii I really lovee this package but I have a few questions. First, should I buy a cleanser ? Because there clearly is no cleanser in this pack so i guess the answer is yes bc you included a towell. And my second question is Should I wait before putting on my sheet mask ? Because the vitamin C drops are quite well thick and I was wondering if I should pat or let dry the vitamin C serum before putting on my mask to let my skin absorb the vitamin.
Thanks :)
PS : I am kinda really new to this so I don’t really know If this is where you ask questions about the product but well I couldn’t find anywhere else soo I am posting it here :D
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"Out of Stock"
Kindly notify me when it’s available. I would like to try this set.
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"Brighter skin!"
Toner is amazing! Light texture so it soaks easily and layering on to the skin is very hydrating. The combination between all of these products is so Good! It's Definitely decreased the pigmentation on my face and has brighten my skin overall.
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