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Age 0
"prompt delivery great products"
enjoying these products. Great stuff
Skin types Sensitive
Age 32
This was the first load of items I bought from you guys (a while ago). I'm always struggling with freckles or some sort of dark marks on my skin because of the sun. So this whole package was a live saver. My skin tone has a brighter, softer and more even tone :D
Skin types Combination
Age 36
From my experience of this product i've been using already for 2weeks the first thing i notice of course is hydrate my skin, the exfoliator is smooth the skin, i use also the low ph good morning soap morning and evening and works perfect,second is my blackheads its amazing that i keep on trying not to exfoliate until it shows my blackheads but wow its i"ll wait 4 days and even 5 days to see if my blackheads will come out, i just exfoliate it even no blackheads but before i dont use this set i exfoliate every other day because my nose has a lot of blackheads and my chin has whiteheads, next time maybe i wil try not to exfoliate my face until blackheads will come out to see how long it will come out. i love this team not just the product you introduce but the way you set the product of each skin problem, step by step how to use the product specially some tips too..
Skin types Dry
Age 21
"Great set!"
I'm using this set for a month now and I am pleasantly suprised with the results. I had no break outs while using this.
The Vita Clinic exfoliator is very gentle for sensitive skin, but also for non-sensitive skin types. It removes dead skin cells very well and gently plus it has a lovely scent.
The vitamin juice is also a must for everyone who wants to brighten dull skin on a gently and safe way. This vitamin juice drop is my favorite. I used it also before buying this box and I am completely in love!
The vitamin sheet mask is also one of my favorites. The mask is not big like other mask from other brands. This one fits my face very well. I used this in the order: toner - vitamin juice drop - vitamin 75 maximizing cream - sheet mask. I end my night skincare routine with a mask to lock up the moisture.
Vitamin 75 maximizing cream is also my favorite. It's lightweight and leaves my skin very moisturized.
The nude fantasy cream is also great for fast brightening the skin, but unfortunately it dried my face out (I have a dry skin type). I think people with combination or oily skin types absolutely would love this cream!

I give this set a 5/5 because I really really love the vitamin juice drop, the vitamin 75 maximizing cream, the vita clinic exfoliator and the sheet masks! Thank you Wishtrend for giving people the opportunity to try different skincare products, because due to this people can find their own holy grails for their skincare routine.
Skin types Combination
Age 33
"Recovering my tone"
I have little time to be testing this set, but I have seen very good results. Very good selection of products to lighten the skin due to sun and aging. I currently have freckles and have seen more homogenity in my pigmentation
/ 5
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