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"Amazing products, but not necessarily great together"
These are all nice, high quality products. However, using them together as my morning routine was too much for my skin. It has been difficult to keep my makeup from becoming cakey... But with some adjustments, I've found ways to incorporate these products into my morning and/or evening routine, and I'm very happy with the result.- The toner, BB cushion and concealer are amazing! I was worried if the cushion would fit my skin colour, as I'm a pale scandinavian, but its perfect! - I use the magnolia wake essence sometimes in the evening or when my skin feels dry. Its very nourishing and good, but a bit too thick for daily use. - The suncream is great. It gives a bit of a "glass skin" look. However it makes my face very shiny, and somewhat cakey when combined with the BB cushion... - TRE-HY8.0 cream is a quite thick cream, but very little of it goes a long way. Feels good and protective, so I've used it mostly in the evening, but also for daytime.All in all, a very happy customer, although I had to experiment a little to make it work with my skin :) In any case it was a great deal to buy so many good products together!
Skin types Combination
Age 25
can you guys please restock on this kit?
Skin types Oily
Age 20
"Worth the price, the best purchase I made in my whole life "
I´m a compulsive buyer so I tend to buy a lot of things just to try them but this time I really hitted the jackpot! It lasted an ENTIRE YEAR! I used to make some mask sheets and even though it lasted that much. the toner was awesome, it was mosturaizing and gentle with my skin. The serum and cream were also awesome. In the year I used this products my skin felt hydrated and healthy and I barely had breakouts, there were only one or two per month (amazing considering that now that it is over I got 4 huge pimples in a week
Skin types Normal
Age 25
I don't have words to describe. This is the first time I am purchasing on wishtrend and their customer service is awesome. They answered to all my doubts and then I could buy this kit. The package took only 15 days to arrive, it was super fast. Klairs products are the best. I have been using them all and enjoying a lot. The cushion and concealer fits perfectly my skin. I was afraid it would be lighter or darker than my skin, but it didn't happen. My skin looks flawless when I am using it. Probably I will be re-purchasing all these products again. Thank you!
Skin types Oily
Age 17
"Love it!"
Well, I'm so happy to heve bought this set cause it's a great value for money. The quality of these products is very high and after following all the steps mentioned in the description, I really had that long-lasting make up(over 13 hours), clear and white skin without any deffections(I have an acne prone skin) thanks to that great coverage(no effect of a cakey face) and oiliness. By the way, it also moisturizes my skin, which is very important for me as I always have that feeling of a dry face. Thank you very much for making this amazing make up kit
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