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Skin types Combination
Age 41
I'm in love with it
Skin types Combination
Age 42
"Jury's still out"
So I've been using the pack for about a month. The serum is working good and so is the mask as in no break outs and I feel that my skin is doing good. However, I haven't really seen drastic reduction in color of my hyperpigmentation marks left by acne scaring.

I use the serum everyday morning and night. I can feel the "heat" from the serum so I guess it must be working. As for the mask, yes guilty, i don't use it every night nor every other night as recommended but I don't really see that extra brightening effect after I remove the mask and so it discourages me to use it regularly.

Overall, I may repurchase the serum but it will all depend on what I see after I am done with the whole bottle.
Skin types Sensitive
Age 18
"Vitamin drop. "
Great product and I love the mask. Really fast shipping as well!
Skin types Sensitive
Age 26
"Skin transformation solution. "
I 've been using both products, two weeks ago.I like these products. Its so effective for my skin. Love you wishtrend.
Skin types Combination
Age 29
"Until in the tasting period"
Previously I used to use only the Serum 21.5 in my face in the night but since I want to try this I suspend it. The effect is almost the same I don't see so much of a difference to be notice (3 weeks of use) Is not that is bad, but for me is the same effect that using the serum 21.5 only and not the mask and the serum of Klair. My skin is not so delicate so although the feeling when I put the Serum 21.5 was a little like a twinkle that make feels that is working, the Klair doesn't have it but works the same, so if you have a very sentitive skin you should try the Klairs. I general great but lower of what I expected, So I will wait to the end results to see how it works
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