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"Great for dry acne prone skin"
The toner/essence is in my top 5 of all time. Soothing, brightening and moisturising. The Ginseng serum is in my always have stash to add moisture on a Ginseng night. I use the serum after long shower with the Ginseng mask on, then use other Ginseng toners and essences and moisturisers to finish. In winter i do this once a week. The rice mask is great if you put it on, leave to soak up the humidity of the bath or shower then gently massage. It makes it less aggressive and leaves my textured skin soooo smooth. I have been waiting for the rice toner to join it! I use an Acwell rice sheet mask on my rice night! Love the cotton pads but really expensive compared to J beauty brands. And the mini Klairs toner is useful for the gym and travelling. Love love love this box but would add the Ginseng mask for a full experience :) I am so happy i found Wishtrend and these products and no , I am not getting anything for writing this!
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"The lotion cause I already love the toner"
I was havin' a crusty old man feet issue but when I used the lotion for even just a week, my feet were nice and baby soft like they originally were.
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I ran out of my sheet masks and then I realized I had all the materials to do this diy mask! I loved it, it made my face feel soothed and soft. I'm going to now be doing this all the time!
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