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"Overall okay"
The toner by far is my favorite in this set. It makes it feel like the gel is sticking to my skin instead of just sliding around. It has a stickie feel after applying but like I said I like that. I could do without the drops, I don't have sensitive skin but this product started causing a burning sensation after the second time using it.
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"Awesome products! "
This set is really good if you have acne prone and sensitive skin! It also came with free samples! I am going to use the unscented toner though because my skin still reacted to the supple preparation toner a bit. I didn't think my skin was too sensitive so I tried it out, but trial and error, right! Overall, the products do leave your face feeling really soft after use. 9/10 recommend!
Skin types Sensitive
Age 32
"Отличная подборка средств!"
Лучший набор для комбинированной кожи на летний период. Брала несколько раз. Рекомендую.
Skin types Sensitive
Age 23
"one of my favourite pack"
have 3 of my favourite products that been loving so far and always repurchase
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Age 22
"Omg guys if you have oily skin, try this set"
Klairs toner does amazing job. It really hydrates my skin.

Klairs Vitamin C serum is superb. When I first applied it on my face, my face feels warm. I thought there is sth wrong. When it checked on the Internet, it said that that was supposed to feel like that as the serum absorbs in the skin. The texture is a bit oily which is a bit of a drawback for me. But if my acne scar goes away, I don't mind. I'm waiting to see result.

I'm from Vitamin Tree Water Gel: Omg, it feels so good on my skin. It's a good moisturizer. It gives the glowing effect on the skin as well. Moreover, It's really soothing. It does amazing job for soothing the skin.

Absolutely love it!!
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