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"Amazing products"
I've used the toner before on a daily basis and the freshly juiced drops as well. I absolutely love those products! The kit with the I'm From Tree Gel is awesome and fits perfectly into my skincare routine. It really brightens and moisturizes my skin throughout the day.
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"Good combo in theory"
I have sensitive, dehydrated skin. I loved the toner and will probably order the unscented version in the future (nothing wrong with it, just preference). I've been using the vitamin C serum about 4-5 times a week, twice a day but maybe that's too much for my sensitive skin. I do occasionally break out because of it. You can feel a slight warm tingly sensation when it's on your skin. My overall complexion is slightly brighter, but my target areas (under eyes, sunspots, acne scars) have not experienced much change in the three weeks I've been using it. The moisturizer is interesting. It's very cooling and hydrating, but takes a while to absorb for some reason. Overall, this was a good introduction to K-beauty at a very reasonable price.
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it good to use on hot and humid days absorbs into the skin fast and does not leave a greasy feeling.
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Age 32
"Love it! I've started buying it for my mom and sis!"
This is the first set that I have bought from Wishtrend. I have sensitive, combination skin, large pores on my t-zone and some redness on my cheeks. The toner is so mild, like water which I appreciate since I am not really used to using too much products on my face. The water gel was a nice change from oil based moisturizers that I am used to. The Vit C was probably the most that took time for me to get used to, at first there was almost like a warm tingle. I wanted to play it safe so I decided to mix the vit c with the water gel at the first week of use as recommended for sensitive skin. The first week of use, my face felt so much softer and brighter. The redness on my skin seems to fade as well. After a few more weeks, my skin just seemed so much brighter, moisturized even at the coldest of winters, and my pores didn't minimize but it has kept them clean and clear. My mom suffers from some dark spots so I decided to order this set for her as well, it has worked wonders with her dark spots. I have been using this for about a year now and still been very happy with it. This set last me for months as little product, goes a long way! Great start up set.
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"love it!"
It saved my skin!!
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