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Skin types Combination
Age 29
"Nice bundle of items"
Nice bundle of items but the discount isn't that fantastic I feel. I particularly find that the Cosrx patch is effective in absorbing excess sebum after an extraction with the comedo remover. Mandelic acid also helped to curb the production of sebum and I have visibly less white heads after a few weeks of use.

Oh that Vitamin Maximizing Cream has a wonderfully refreshing citrusy scent to it. The gel-cream texture also makes application a pleasure and absorbs rather easily. However, I seem to have broken out possibly due to it? I'm not exactly certain. It may be the Vitamin E contents. Some people break out from Vitamin E for possibly genetic reasons that are beyond my comprehension. I think if you're not sure if you break out from Vitamin E, don't buy the cream. Or you should try applying Vitamin E oil for a patch test first over a week to monitor if you're alright with Vitamin E.

Oh that Poruji Essence is superb. Controls sebum very well. It has tea tree though, take note, if you don't do well with tea tree, avoid. For me, it reduces redness.

I tried all the items one by one over a week EACH so I think I could say that my verdict is reliable. Hope this review helps someone. :)
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