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Skin types Oily
Age 18
I liked this foam cleanser a lot because it didn't dry my skin out at all, it did the job of cleaning my skin really well. But the bottle runs out fairly quick ( I used it as my night cleanser every day, usually two pumps) and the price is a bit too high for a cleanser that is on your skin for just a little while. I found more affordable alternatives now but, if I would see this on sale I would get it again. Btw. I have acne-prone skin and it didn't irritate my acne.
Skin types Combination
Age 22
"Gives amazing hydration!"
I love to use this mask on the nights before I'm going to go somewhere special or when I know I'm going to go full on makeup. I'm not one to really wear a lot of makeup all the time, but when I do, I make sure I use this mask the night before, because it really gives me hydration and helps my skin by not having dry spots where my makeup could potentially break down!
Skin types Sensitive
Age 24
"foam cleanser "
this foam cleanser is great
Skin types Oily
Age 17
"Best Foam Cleanser Ever "
I’ve tried different cleansers from the drugstore to name brands but none of them ever stood out to me. I thought at first that the cleanser was a bit expensive at first but it’s definitely worth the price. I usually only wear suncreen and no make-up during the week. This cleanses my skin very well without drying it or stripping too much. This is the perfect cleaner for everyday use and I would highly recommend. I can’t help but rebuy it every month because both myself and my friends use it religiously every morning and night.
Skin types Combination
Age 18
"nothing works as well! "
My skin has literally never been better! It so clear and OMG I JUST LOVE IT and I don’t know why it took me so long to find the love of my life(the cleanser) I I wish(trend, ba dum tsss) I could’ve found this product YEARS ago when I really needed it. It’s literally great for everyone and anyone to use! Great purchase!
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