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This is my mother's favorite cream, she had already bought more than 10 of it.
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"It was ok"
This lotion was ok. it didn't go well with my other products and does kinda leave a white caste if your a person of color like me. It did the job but it could have been better. I would not purchase this product again and wouldn't recommend it to my friends. I am almost done with it because I need my money's worth lol
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"So so serum"
This serum seems incompatible for me and my friends. The few first weeks, my friend felt her skin a little bit firmer. After that, she got irritation and hat to stop using it. I also used this serum but feel nothing. This serum is not hydrated our skins in winter and absorbs poorly. I use 3 small drops. Every time, I have to massage and wait up longer before going to the next steps of my skin care. Hence, I use this serum in the evening.
Skin types Sensitive
Age 27
I can't really judge it so i'll give it a middle score.
I repurchased this product after my first one got finished.
Unfortunately I can not remember its effects perhaps it wasnt groundbreaking effects to be remmbered. but for me t repurchase it must mean it did some wonders to my skin.
What I remember is it not breaking my skin out and during my use of it. I didnt break out much ( could also be in combination with diet and me starting with prescription pills.
Skin types Combination
Age 30
"Be patient, to see results!"
I been using this serum for the past 7 months, mixing it with other serums now and then. truly the first months I did not saw a lot of results; but after 3 month I saw that the fine lines on my forehead are definetly diminishing and my hiperpigmentation is much better. I really like it, plus it does not break me up!
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