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4.6 4.6
Skin types Sensitive
Age 27
I can't really judge it so i'll give it a middle score.
I repurchased this product after my first one got finished.
Unfortunately I can not remember its effects perhaps it wasnt groundbreaking effects to be remmbered. but for me t repurchase it must mean it did some wonders to my skin.
What I remember is it not breaking my skin out and during my use of it. I didnt break out much ( could also be in combination with diet and me starting with prescription pills.
Skin types Combination
Age 30
"Be patient, to see results!"
I been using this serum for the past 7 months, mixing it with other serums now and then. truly the first months I did not saw a lot of results; but after 3 month I saw that the fine lines on my forehead are definetly diminishing and my hiperpigmentation is much better. I really like it, plus it does not break me up!
Skin types Oily
Age 21
This serum did not appear to do much for my skin with the first few days of using it. After a while, I have noticed my skin looking brighter, softer and smoother. This is a very gentle serum, it is not thick or sticky and absorbs very fast. Maybe this serum will work better on more mature skin
Skin types Sensitive
Age 35
I have used it for a month. So far, I can say it doesn't irritate my skin (which is very sensitive), but I want to give it more time to see some results
Skin types Sensitive
Age 41
"Excellent serum !"
I have used it for 1 yr now,i purchased it last uear on wishtrend and i must say this is one of the best serums out there i love this more than C 21.5 , this is really brightening and so.. soothing ! Using a toner after cleansing and before the serum yields much better results,my skin improved by bounds,i suffered severe cystic acne and still have blemishes left but im gaining confidence now! I now feel that wishtrend have selected best brands and their team is wonderful,they demonstrate and give wonderful guidance ! Wishtrend is now a part of my life! Red serum will be one of my main serum's !! I recommend it for any skin types ,by the way mine is combination and sensitive skin ! Keep up RED serum !
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