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Skin types Sensitive
Age 24
"A sensitive skin life savior"
This is a cream of very few words. This is the cream you go to when you really messed up and your skin is dry as the Sahara. It’s nothing super exciting or anything. It’s just a plain and simple product. If you have finicky skin that hates all fragrances and prone to reactions then this is for you! It’s good to have during the winter months or just prone to drying skin.
Skin types
Age 0
"The best for sensitive skin"
A little bit heavy for my oily skin, but it doesn't make it worse. I've tried a lot of moisturizers over the years and this has been the best for my super sensitive, oily and acne prone, and eczema prone skin.

If they made a lighter version of this it would probably be my holy grail
Skin types Combination
Age 27
I just started to use this product a couple days ago. It feels really nice when I put it on my skin. However, there was a lot of air in the tube. After the first use, it looks half empty. I was so disappointed. I know that the volume is less than what it's stated on the tube because the tube that my friend uses for more than a month is fuller than mine. The price is reasonable, but not the false advertisement.
Skin types Dry
Age 44
"new favorite"
omg....love this.. added this to my soon to be teenager routine and it has made so much difference. both of my kids could see the dirt still left on their skin even after the washed their faces.... my daughter has sensitive skin and it works for her too.
Skin types
Age 0
"The best"
This is without question the best facial moisturizer I have ever used. It's the only one that hasn't felt stinging at all. My skin feels wonderful - hydrated but never sticky.
/ 5
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