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Sin duda los comentarios y premios que ha ganado este producto son merecidos. Notas la diferencia en tu piel de inmediato cuando lo utilizas (y cuando no también). Hidrata y calma la piel. Es excelente. Absolutamente recomendado. Todo lo bueno que puedan leer de este producto, es cierto. Cumple lo que promete.
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"This is a must have!"
I am in love with this product I've had it for a month now and I am enjoying my results. my skin is even in all around, and this toner is a bit thick which is new to me, but that is something I've come to love.

Instead of putting the product on a cotton pad I can now apply it directly to my face cutting the "middle man" ensuring more product gets on my face and I don't waste.
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"Wonderful for oily, acne prone and sensitive skin "
I used for a while the Primera's Miracle Seed Essence and after the unscented toner was released I wanted to give it a try, it was the best thing ever, this stuff is amazing!!! I have issues with the original due to the oils, but this one, God is my new Holy Grail that replaced the Primera one that is way more expensive than this little bottle with magic! I recommend it!
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"Refreshed and revived skin"
After using this product for a month my skin feels cleaner, refreshed and I have barely had any break outs at all. It does even the PH levels of your skin and makes it feel smoother and fresh. I would highly recommend this as part of a daily routine!
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"In love with this toner."
I am so impressed with this toner, before using it, i was a bit skeptical seeing the slightly thick consistency, but now that i am halfway through the bottle, i am in love with this toner. Will be stocking up soon.
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