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Skin types Oily
Age 22
I didn't know a toner can be THIS amazing.. it shocked me I always thought toners are not important and they do nothing. but this one has a beautiful texture and it really changed my skin and prepared it just like the name and what it claimed to do. my skin has never looked so good and even because of A TONERRR. i purchased the unscented version because my skin is really oily so it was perfect with no oils.
Skin types
Age 0
"I didn't expect this toner to be this amazing"
Can I just talk about how plump and moisturized my skin feels after using this toner ??
I used to always use a toner with salicylic acid and I didn't even realize how bad it was for my skin. The supple preparation toner is all I use now and I couldn't be happier. My skin feels rejuvenated for every time and this is honestly best my skin has ever looked.
Skin types Combination
Age 23
"My favorite toner !"
I love this toner, the texture, the scent and the hydration !
Skin types
Age 0
"Beginner's Toner"
This is the first toner I've ever owned and I've used two bottles within the last half year. It has helped tremendously in changing my skin. Over the last six months, my skin is so much softer, radiant, and even toned now than it has ever been. I no longer have pronounced texture on my forehead and my makeup literally just glides on my face now. I no longer struggle with my makeup looking dry or blotchy and I also have such glowy skin that I don't feel the need for highlight at all. With this product I also used Wishtrend's Mandelic Acid (amazing) and Galactomyces 95 Tone Balancing Essence. I would recommend this toner to anyone who is getting into skincare!
Skin types Sensitive
Age 25
"Original "
Did not like the smell on the original toner. Did not sink into the skin and felt heavy.
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