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Skin types Sensitive
Age 22
"Game Changer"
I love this toner, its unlike any other toner I have ever used. Its calming and hydrating especially for sensitive skin.
Skin types Dry
Age 15
"Best toner"
I got the unscented toner just to be safe cuz I don't wanna take risks when it comes to my skincare, it's really gentle and works great, I saw instant results and I barely breakout. I always feel refreshed and clean when I use it, and it moisturizes amazingly. 10/10 recommended
Skin types Combination
Age 22
"Moistursing but skin my react to essential oils after prolonged use"
This used to be my holy Grail toner. I've used this religiously for 2 years but recently I notice that my skin breaks out in a strange rash whenever I use the Rich Moist Soothing range from Klairs. I've since stopped using all Klairs products and my skin has normalised. I'm glad that Klairs came out with an unscented version of this toner, I have not purchased it, probably won't be purchasing until I'm certain my skin barrier is not compromised.
Skin types Combination
Age 28
"Best toner ever"
Hands down my favorite toner. Lightweight and hydrating, never irritates or overwhelms and is never sticky. Highly recommend.
Skin types Combination
Age 27
"The best thing that ever happened to my skin"
I was so surprised when I first tried this toner.
My skin is sensitive and more on the oily side but also dry... just a weird combination that makes it so hard for me to take care of. This toner made everything so much better. My skin feels moisturised but not sticky at all after using the product. It absorbs super fast and calms down my sensitive skin. Also: The effect lasts the whole day.
I can only give 5 stars but I would give it 10 if I could.
/ 5
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