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"Good Toner"
I didn't think I liked this toner at first, but for some reason I just kept coming back and using it. This toner is very calming and doesn't irritate my skin. I also find it hydrating and very good for layer on top of each other. I often prefer to use this in the winter because it feels a little thick, but it absorbs into the skin very well.
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"the best!!!"
it´s the best toner!
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"Very Hydrating!"
The first time I was starting out my skincare routine, I already felt the product hydrating my skin! I used to breakout pretty mildly on my forehead, t-zone, and chin area, but after using this, my skin condition improve. My acne started to go away and my skin felt very hydrated and soft, enough for me to get that glass skin which was pretty cool (along with other products I used) The only concern I have is that if you still break out and see not much of an improvement, try applying less toner to your face and that should help improve your skin. Overall, I'm definitely sticking with this toner!!
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Age 33
"Your skin will love it"
I bought this together with other klair products and it is non sticky, functions as a toner at night when you want to make sure your face is clean without getting that dry feeling. In the morning i just apply like a serum and layer it with my other serum. My skin really love this product.
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"احلا تونر استخدمته فحياتي "
كنت قبل عن اجرب هذا التونر من كلير افكر انه التونر خطوه مالها داعي. بس بعد ما استخدمت هذا تفكيري تغير كامل. هذا مابس تونر هذا يرطب البشره لو استخدمته كم طبقه و يعطي البشره إشراقه حلوه. احيانا يوم اكون ليزي بس استخدم هذا كم طبقه و بشرتي تكون لينه و ناعمه طول اليوم.و الحلو فيه لو قريتو المكونات كلهم زينه للبشره. انصح بشده بهذا المنتج
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