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Skin types Combination
Age 22
"Worth every cent."
Have you ever exfoliated your face a little too hard and a little too much? Or has your skin ever felt irritated by a new product you tried out? If that's the case, you should definitely use these tercel sheet masks by Klairs! I absolutely love them because they are so hydrating and soothing, and they make my skin feel more plump!
Skin types Combination
Age 32
"Most gentle sheet mask"
This mask is perfect for sensitive skin! I knew my skin was going to like it based on the ingredients but it is even better than I expected! Moisturizing, gentle to the skin, soothing and I really like how it fits perfectly on my face. I've tried hundreds of sheet masks but this one is my favourite right now.
Skin types Combination
Age 23
"very moisturizing! "
I put it on for 20 mins and my face is so plump! I know we are not supposed to use it a second time, but there is so much serum that I use it for my neck the next day as a neck mask. Ladies, remember to also prevent neck wrinkles :)
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Age 0
"Missing the old version"
I have tried out sheet masks from many various brands, but the Klairs's old one was my absolute number one. I loved the cooling, tingling sensation it gave while wearing and its strong moisturizing effect that would last for at least a whole day.

I was both excited and concerned about reformulating this mask - and, unfortunately, after trying out the white version, I must admit that I am disappointed.

I don't like the new cut-out of the sheet - dividing it into upper and lower part makes usage much less convenient. Also, after taking the sheet out of the package and while trying to unfold it, you need to be more careful not to drop any of the parts to the floor/basin.

And, more importantly, I do not feel that the new mask is as potent at moisturizing or that it gives an equally long-lasting effect as the old one did.

It is still not a bad mask, but why change it when the previous version was impeccable?
Skin types
Age 0
I have combination skin with a tad bit of sensitivity. Before I used Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask, I've never tried any mask who doesn't cause me break-out or irritation. This mask works really well on my skin, it's extremely moisturizing & hydrating with slight plumping effect! With that said, it helps to calm my sensitive skin as well except during humid weather. With the new Tencel Sheet Mask, I'm still deeply in love with this everyday go-to mask!
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