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"Love this product"
This facial soap is rich with bubbles and also moist up your face; but of course, do not wash your face with this product for a long period of time. otherwise, it may dry out the skin. just wash as needed.
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"Loove this!!"
This is such a gentle soap! Doesn't strip my skin too much- my skin is combination/acne and I'm finding that since using this, I have less breakouts in general since using this product! Easy to cut into little chunks and lasts for AGES! The only thing is there is a little bit of tight feeling after using, which I don't mind since I follow up with toner straight away- but other than that it's perfect!! Don't know why I waited so long to try this :))
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"Gentle and mild soap "
I have been having a hard time looking for soaps for my face. I have been trying out foaming cleansers of different brands and I my face just breaks out more. After switching from foam cleanser to this bar soap my face doesn't have much breakouts anymore for it is mild and gentle for my skin.
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Age 17
"This is a really good cleanser!"
When I bought this cleanser I didn’t have any expectation but to my surprise it was great! It wasn’t stripping to my skin, it smells really good and it actually did it’s job by not giving me breakouts and actually preventing them. After my soap was over, I went and bought a really popular cleanser but I started to breakout all the way, until the other cleanser was empty. After that I went ahead and bought this one again and it cleared my skin again, so yes im very satisfied with this product.
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