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Age 0
This package really helped my skin a lot and I am so happy!
Skin types Combination
Age 28
I live by this set during the winter months. I usually have oily skin, but it gets dry and tight when I don't spend time to care for it. The soothing cream is my magic in a bottle! A little bit and I feel thoroughly moisturized....the toner, soothing serum, and cream are so good I have gifted them to loads of friends and family and have backups
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Age 0
I tried this package for around a month and I was very slow to realise that my acne just kept on getting worse and worse. My mom and sisters pointed out to me that my acne was getting worse. I thought that all these good reviews meant that it was a good package but don't get fooled by the many good reviews because 1 bad review means it is not trustworthy products and that it may not work for you.
Skin types Oily
Age 23
"Pretty good! "
I wanted to try a full routine of skin care so I tried with this package + the "Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop".
I have acne and it's been working pretty good on my skin. It does not help me to get rid of acne but at least it controlled it and so far I have not got more pimples. Also, my skin looks more bright.
Skin types Oily
Age 26
I really like these patches!
They will not even fall off if you are sleeping! (I sleep on my sides and stomach mostly) and they get rid off all the gunk inside the pimple, without you having to popp it!

I really recommend buying these.
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