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Skin types Combination
Age 39
"My calming serum HG"
I don't tend to go back to products once finished, but with this one something extraordinary happened: I liked it, and a lot, because it's the only product I can rely that can calm my itching skin.

Also, it's so lightweight that absorbs easily and doesn't leave a sticky sensation.
Despite it's "rich moist" name, the hydration it gives it's light, so please use a moisturizer after.

Just bought two more bottles for backing up, and I've been used like 5 bottles already :D
Skin types Combination
Age 40
This is nice for an added layer of moisture that won't leave your skin feeling greasy.
Skin types
Age 0
"Lasts MONTHS and hydrates SO well"
My sister and I have been sharing ONE bottle of this for the last two months. We EACH use it TWICE a day and the bottle is still 3/4 FULL. I can't believe it...That means...in total, this bottle will last me and my sister ~8 months. If you're using it just by yourself, it will last you even longer obv.
and it actually works.
In the beginning, i was a bit worried because it would feel slightly sticky. Sticky things make me break out. However, as the weeks passed by, i noticed my skin began to absorb it faster and faster. For the first time in forever, my skin actually feels..normal. It is neither oily nor dry. Just normal...which means my skin is actually balanced.
Oh, and as it states, it really cools and soothes your skin, which really helps me since my skin is easily irritated. Obv, when I exfoliate or use the Vitamin C serum, my skin tingles. I put the smoothing serum on right away and it instantly takes the discomfort away.

As much as I love and hate having to worry about my skin/buying products, it is reassuring to know that this serum is more than worth its price, considering how well it works and how long it lasts.
Skin types
Age 0
i like all in this product
now i cant live without it
Skin types Oily
Age 22
So I purchased this 1 month ago and I've been using it EVERYDAY. It reduces the OIL production!! I have EXTREMELY oily skin and this saved my life I would stay almost 6-9 hours with no oils.. my face stopped producing oils after this it saved my face. it also cooled my skin after my laser treatment. it's so good now I can't live without this thing. it has a nice texture and easily absorbs into my skin.
/ 5
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