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"Pretty decent"
It hydrates and it also calms redness minimally. It's very light ( coming from someone that's picky about it ). It's not oily what so ever however it does leave your skin feeling like it's been there. Didn't give it 5 stars because it wasn't as moisturizing as I want it but it did a pretty good job nonetheless
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"Brightness and Glowing From Within!!"
I was chosen as a beauty tester for this product and have been using this serum for about 3 weeks so far and I can say confidently that this product has become a holy grail for me and I will definitely stock up on more when my current bottle runs out!! Let's assess the claims of this product:
It helps with hydration, cooling and moisture.
hydration: this product definitely helped hydrate my skin as my skin looks visibly brighter and feels a lot less dry: I wake up with a "good skin day" everyday!!
cooling: I use this product after waking up/before bed after I cleanse so my skin is already generally cool before applying but I didn't notice any heating/warm sensations
moisture: I for sure noticed this as my skin has become more supple and I feel like it looks and feels reinvigorated, it gives me that glowing from within look and I also have noticed that at the end of the day, the areas I used to get dry patches in (between eyebrows, crevices of the nose) are no longer dry at the end of the day
The scent isn't too strong or noticeable, it reminds me of the scents of the other klairs products I've tried such as the toner and the light moisturizing cream, I can tell they use the same essential oils for the scent in this product as well
The packaging is nice, it looks likes glass but is actually just very sturdy plastic, the only thing is I'm not sure how I would travel with it because the "cap" isn't really secured so I'm afraid it might leak in a skincare bag or in a suitcase
I feel like as far as bang for your buck goes, this product will last a really long time: I only use 2 /small/ drops when applying this and rub it between my fingers to warm it up and apply it gently on my face, tapping for absorption (if you use more than 2 drops I noticed it makes my skin a little red/irritated) so I feel like for the amount of product and how long it'll last, it's very worth it
would I use this product again/purchase with my own money? : yes!! overall I feel like this product "saved" my skin from it's previously dull state, and I would even recommend it to those who don't have a lot of experience with skincare, because I feel like toner isn't a necessity to use with this product, just put this on and a little bit of barrier cream and you're ready for the day!
this product is 10/10!! (and I'm not just saying it because I got it for free hahah :) )
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"Great For Beginners!"
I was sent this product as a beauty tester and as for my first serum I really enjoyed it. I have sensitive , oily, acne-prone skin and I can confidently say that it doesn't irritate my skin at all. I had some dry patches from my acne and this serum completely moisturized my skin. Its a thicker watery texture that's absorbs completely into the skin. It has helped a little with sebum control but I can't really see the cooling effect it has on me. Overall, it is a great product for people who want to introduce moisturizing serums into their skincare routine.
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"Overall, a Safe Starter Serum"
My Skin Type/Routine:
I have hormonal acne around the chin and jawline areas, very large pores that are easily clogged, and am very sensitive to a large array of ingredients since starting tretinoin 0.05%.

Texture (initial + Dry-down):
I find one pump is plenty for both a toned face and neck. It’s a lot thinner and has more slip to it than its appearance led me to initially believe. Upon application it is slippery, and half-way through absorption there is a slight tackiness to it that takes some getting used to if you are new to the serum scene. The absorption time is about a minute if used near the beginning of your skincare routine, and after completely absorbed all of the stickiness completely vanishes.

Cosmetic Elegance:
To my knowledge this serum doesn’t pill. I’ve tried it under both physical and chemical sunscreens, under oils and various moisturizers, and even under traditional and cushion foundations.

Comedogenic Rating:
I am very susceptible to blackheads and can confidently say that this doesn’t clog pores when used as it should be (i.e. not using too much but rather only enough for the skin to be coated in a thin layer of product). Using too much can lead to looking too glossy and the risk of being oily.

Does it interact with Skincare Actives:
I’ve tried this after using acid toners, gentle physical and chemical exfoliants and before tretinoin; I can vouch that it probably won’t make your skin sting.

Does it Do what it Claims to Do:
This serum definitely sinks into the skin easily, helping with the moisture and glow factor. But I think it’s a bit of a stretch to say that it significantly soothes redness and I definitely don’t notice the whole “cooling features that lowers surface temperature [of the skin]” (perhaps only upon application but not throughout the day).

Difference Between Days/Nights with/without it:
There is definitely a noticeable difference when I don’t use the serum in conjunction with my other skincare products. I’ve come to realize that because it is summer (therefore, my skin produces a bit more oil compared to cold-weather days), I can actually ditch my lightweight moisturizer and use this instead (this works best when the sunscreen used is moisturizing). At night, I typically don’t use it since my skin is at the point where I hardly need moisturizer in the summer, especially in a humid room, but I strongly feel that come winter, this serum will play a bigger part in my nighttime routine.

Simple and straightforward packaging; the bottle and dispenser are both made of plastic. My only complaint is that the pump comes off quite easily. Upon removing the plastic seal (a feature I appreciate because it gives me ease of mind that the product hasn’t been tampered with), the part you pump the product out fell off. Dropping the serum bottle approximately 3-ish feet onto carpet will also knock it off. It’s possible that I received one of the few that were weird but if that isn’t the case, you’ve been warned. It’s also important to note that this detail doesn’t affect how easily the product is delivered from the bottle, just that it would be highly inconvenient in the case that it should be lost.

Overall Rating and Main Reasons:
I’d give the serum itself a 3 ½ for efficacy plus ½ a point for good value and lack of harsh ingredients. I also appreciate that it doesn’t contain fragrance. This serum doesn’t do everything it claims to do, just enough of the points. Very good if you’re looking for a moisture booster but don’t expect any miracles from this product.
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"Love this serum!!!"
It really does hydrate and calm your skin down. After a really sunny day my face is usually red and irritated, especially in Australia, but using this serum immediately cools it down and hydrates my skin. Also, it’s perfect for my oily/combination skin. During winter, my usually normal areas, my cheeks, tend to become dry but this serum helps me with both the oily ness and dryness. Highly recommend this serum.
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