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It really does work! My skin is cooled down after using it, so smooth and hydrated. In the bag there is usually extra liquid, so I soak a sponge pad and put it on my neck area. Highly recommended, i have sensitive skin and it calmed it down
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Age 18
I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed yesterday and my face was feeling super heated and swollen, and I felt like my acne was getting irritated because of the heat. But after 20 minutes of having this mask on my skin was cool, my acne was less red and irritated, and my swelling seemed to have subsided a bit. I am currently using the midnight blue calming cream and it works wonders, so I knew this mask would have a positive effect. But it really went above and beyond my expectations. Also it does not feel sticky or tacky afterwards, but it does leave my skin GLOWING! I am so in love with this mask :) P.S. I have dry, sensitive, and acne prone skin and I wasnt irritated at all.
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"Irritated my skin"
I had high hopes for this product, since I love pretty much all the other products in the blue line. Right when I applied the mask my face started to sting to the point I had to take it off before the 15 minute mark. My face was more red than before putting it on. I used the product twice and had the same reaction both times. Unfortunately, I bought the 10 pack because I had no issue with the blue line products, I thought I would have been okay with this one. When I first apply it, it felt cooling, but right after that initial cooling effect, it was all stinging. I wanted to love this product. :(
Skin types Combination
Age 31
"The best sheet mask"
Hi everyone, I try this sheet mask for a very short time, but I notice a big diference in my skin after use it, I have acne prone skin, and after use this sheet mask my skin feels so shoth and the next day my brakouts practically are gone, I totally recomend this mask, it's amazing!!!
Skin types Combination
Age 17
"My favorite!"
So far this is my favorite sheet mask since it did everything that it promised and more. It is very gentle but you can still actually feel a light cooling sensation, this mask actually made a difference the next day. It got rid of my irritation and a few pimples, loved it!
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