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"Too Painful"
I like the mask, it's moisturizing. But the husk part is very very painful. Will not buy again.
Skin types Combination
Age 32
"Not for me, too painful"
The rice particles are too big and grazes my skin. The cream itself is very moisturising but I definitely wont be getting this again. The rice particles are uncooked rice texture so it is very hard. Not a fan unforch.
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"I don't know what I'd do without this!!"
This masks seriously smells like those oatmeal masks that everyone making back in the day! Aside from the amazing smell, it does a really great job of smoothing out my skin and brightening it. I like to put mines in the fridge. I usually work all day, so using this mask after a nice warm shower makes all the difference to my skin.
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"Kind to the skin with a nice & subtle smell"
What I noticed first about the product was the really nice and natural smell. The smell was very relaxing and not overpowering, which I really appreciate.

For someone who's skin breaks out easily, I was concerned that the product isn't compatible with my skin. Luckily this is not the case. The mask leaves my face soft and balances my skin tone. I usually have a few red spots on my cheeks, which disappeared after using the mask a few times. I did not have any negative experience with the rice grains. They did not hurt or scratch my skin in any way.

One does not need to apply much of the mask which means that the product lasts very long.

I like the product a lot and will definitely order it again. I also want to try out more masks of the brand.
Skin types Oily
Age 21
"Don't underestimate it"
I already had 2 masks from the brand, that I absolutely love and when I saw that they came out with a Rice one I got so excited! Priyanka's review kind of made me hesitant but I still went for it, and so should you in my opinion.

I think he/she missed the point that this is an exfoliant mask, so yeah, they're going to be "grains" in it. But they don't hurt at all. Rice grains are known not to scratch or be harmful for our skin. I take them off with cotton then rince my face, it takes longer than a regular mask but it's not that hard.

But yeah, I bought it in April and I've been using it every week since then, even on my legs before shaving since their masks last sooooo long! I absolutely love the results, it tightens and brightens my face making my pores less visible. I'm hoping people will give this a try cause I'd hate it if they discontinued it.
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