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4.7 4.7
Skin types Oily
Age 28
"I like the product"
So far so good. This is my second purchased but the result takes time to see it
Skin types
Age 0
"Unsure "
I got this in a package but as a single item I probably won’t buy this because it’s results just aren’t worth the price tag
And I’ve only used it for a couple of days and it’s almost mid finished - definitely not enough product for the price
Skin types Dry
Age 37
"Spot treatment? "
I want it aLl over this body. ..
This is absolutely amazing

Only downside. ... too little quantity. ..
Can you start to sell it in kg containers please
Skin types
Age 0
This product works its magic fast. Within a week the pigmentation left from any acne is gone, and it doesn't clog my pores so no more acne forms.

Works extra well with the vitamin C drops (dear klairs one)
Skin types Combination
Age 24
"Miracle Cream"
I realised I had a weak barrier and decided to try this cream. I will never go back to others. It flattens any bumps in one day, fades marks in less than a week and diminishes old scars. It leaves the skin feeling moisturised and can be mixed with another cream if scars need to be faded! I will always go back to buying this! I only wish that there was a larger size.
/ 5
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