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"Restored my damaged skin barrier!"
Great product, my skin was damaged and irritated. I have troubled acne prone skin and it was really bad a while ago since I used the wrong products and my skin barrier was damaged. It took a while by my skin is now more resistant and my acne scars were healing much faster. I really love to use it when I had a break out to prevent acne scarring and to help my skin to fight severe inflammation.
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"Very nice!"
I used mine up too fast (used too much of it every time I used it),
so I didn't really use it long enough to see the benefits. But I FEEL them.
My skincare routine feels like it's missing something without this product.
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"really good so far!"
i ordered this product together with a few others and i tried to use this every night as a spot treatment. basically for the past 2 weeks or so i had a major breakouts on my forehead and chin and so far my skin has been much better! the redness is almost gone and i'm left with only around 3-4 pimples left out of like 11! also my scarring seem to be less visible! would highly recommend it :)
Skin types Sensitive
Age 16
"Super effective!"
Hi there!;)
I ordered this product a few months ago and it was SUPER helpful, I’m ordering it for the 3rd thime becuase I love it! After the first few times, it helped my skin already, it is calming and takes away the redness. A few months ago I had normal to bad acne and it left dark spots on my cheeks, bit this product faded them, not every spot is gone fully, but its getting clearer and better. It won’t take it away after the first time using it, but it needs time. I’m so happy that this product exists and I’m ordering it for the 3rd time. I use it a few times throughout the day(maybe 4 times) and on big pimples(after I pop them) I use a lot of product. I am so thankfull for this product, I really don’t have words. Sorry for my english, I live in Belgiun :)
Skin types Normal
Age 31
"Broke me out, not great"
I used this product for two weeks on my irritated skin, and it actually caused whiteheads to appear where it was applied. I waited it out to see if this was just a temporary coping mechanism for my skin, but after two weeks I had to give it up.

Did nothing for me, would not recommend, especially if your skin is sensitive and prone to breakouts.
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