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3.6 3.6
Skin types Normal
Age 44
"Great for dry skin"
Great for dry skin
Skin types Combination
Age 22
At first I was excited to use it, it was pretty hydrating and my pores did look better while using it. But then, I started noticing skin bumps on my forehead and neck a while after using. I usually develop these when I apply alcohol-containing products, so I checked the ingredients, and it actually does have both fregnance and alcohol, so I’m a little disappointed. I don’t know why I didn’t check that before buying. I used it for about 10 days but I’m not sure if I’m gonna use it again. It’s a waste because I really liked the product at first.
Skin types Combination
Age 23
"Very sticky and sometimes bubbles out"
I come from a hot and humid country so the stickiness stays until you wash off this serum. Also, I notice that some product leftover at the tip of the nozzle starts to form bubbles, causing a mess when I reopen the product cap the next day
Skin types Dry
Age 27
"New favourite essence"
I really love this product. It feels very cooling and calming, and I've definitely seen an improvement in my acne scars since I started using it. I can see why someone with oily skin may not like it though, since it is very moisturising.
Skin types Oily
Age 22
"Good but kinda oily for me"
Peeps there with dry skin this product is definitely for them. As for me i have really oily skin. I used this in my night routine and i'd go to be with a super shiny face. This product is really fun to use and does give you a brightened skin tone. It doesn't WHITEN, but BRIGHTENS your skin tone which is actually much better in my opinion. Minus the shine and the oiliness the product is good and effective. Results take time but it definitely works. It has a really nice smell, has a very pretty baby blue package and is very sanitary.
/ 5
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