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Skin types
Age 0
"Love it! "
Great Facial Cleanser for a variety of skin types. After one wash, the skin feels very refreshing and clean, not like some cleansers where you feel skin's moisture been sucked out. The ingredients are also very natural. Very satisfied with this product and ordering more!
Skin types Combination
Age 31
"Interesting cleanser"
Its the first time I try this type of cleanser, in the beginning at the beginning it cost me some work to make the bubbles to clean my face, but with practice it became easier, I like it very much, leaves a totally hydrated feeling, feels soft and pleasant, not at all dry, so probably continue using it
Skin types Dry
Age 33
"Not a lot of product"
The bottle I received had about 35% of the product filled. There should at least be 90% because it's just powder. Yes, you don't have to use a lot of product, but if you are using everyday then you will run out faster. I don't recommend daily use; just 1-2 a week because it is still a good product. I gave it three stars not for the product itself but for the lack of amount in the bottle.
Skin types Sensitive
Age 27
"love it "
(I have sensitive acne prone combination skin (greasy T zone, normal checks kinda, more sensitive around nose and chin area) , i dunno how to really say it right. I have light skin color with freckles type of skin.)
I love how it kind of is a two in one depending on how much you rub it in your hands. wash powder or peeling (but a soft one). I love how my skin feel after using it. I use only in the evening not in the morning and I used it up in like 6 month kinda, I don't use much of it every time. If you have really super sensitive skin perhaps you should really rub it a lot before applying.

I would recommend and I bought it twice already.
Skin types Dry
Age 23
"Quarter filled? "
Ok so I just received this in the mail and have only used it once so I cannot really talk much about the product itself. The reason why I am giving it such low ratings is because my bottle was maybe a little over quarter filled. I was shocked when I noticed how empty it was. Looking at the reviews, it seems like I am not the only one. It is a shame because the product seems to have a lot of potential and I did enjoy using it even if it was just once. But if I was to use the recommended amount every day, I dont think it will last me even 2 weeks. I am not sure if I was just unlucky and received an unusually low amount or if this is the norm for this product. If it is the norm, I frankly don't understand why such a big bottle needs to be used for such a little amount....
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