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Going in I was a bit weary about this product, the first time I used it I didn't like it and thought it might just be too abrasive.
When I shared my concerns with a friend who has used it before she pointed out that in that case I might just want to work it between my hands a bit longer.
I tried it and honestly I have loved it, I wouldn't use this as an everyday wash as for my sensitive skin it would be too much but I do use it up to twice a week or before important events as it really brightens my complexion and evens my skin texture out.
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"Love this cleanser"
I first bought this powder wash over six months ago and still have some left. You can choose the amount of powder you want to use. Leaves my skin clean and with a nice texture and love its light frangrance of green tea. I had never used a powder wash before and I absolutely love it.
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Age 21
This smells amazing!
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"Perfect for sensitive acne prone skin "
I wish I could upload before and after pictures of my sons face. He is 16 and has white and black heads that leave very bright red marks on his face. Not only does this cleanser clear up the acne but it makes his skin glow and removes all traces of red irritation. He ran out for a week and his cheeks were covered in acne. He started using it again two days ago and the red marks are completely gone, his skin is glowing and the pimples are much smaller. We can’t go without this stuff. It’s seriously magic!
Skin types Dry
Age 28
"love it!!"
Can i just start off with saying that it smells soo good. Not overpowering but mild green tea smell. It is a mild exfoliator and good for everyday as well. I usually use it when i dont feel like using the hard exfoliators and it cleans my skin really well.
i think that it is awesome for traveling since it is not in liquid form but rather a powder form that lathers when you add water to it. For me it kinda does have a little brightening effect as well. I love it and it has lasted me a long time.
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