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"Like it"
The bottle is pretty small but i like it. It makes my face softer and cleaner
Skin types Sensitive
Age 17
Before that, I incorrectly cared for the skin, the skin became dry and irritated, but when I tried this green powder, the skin became soft and tender. when you apply it on your face, you feel it gently gently cleanse your skin. There is a small gommage, which cleanses, but doesn't irritate the skin, and yet this powder has a gentle natural smell, which is so refreshing)) I love this green tea powder))
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"Not that good"
Bought it and was super excited for it. I thought wow a powder cleanser that sounds cool. But was disappointing when I got it. The bottle is a pretty decent size but the amount of powder that is in there is disappointing. It wasn't even filled up half way. Personally it just feels like a harsh scrub, I don't really like it. I guess it does its job, it does leave your skin soft and I guess it does clean but for me I still keep getting pimples and stuff. The person who recommended this said its for everyday use and that it would leave your skin looking flawless. Obviously that didn't work out for me. But it might be different for your skin type.
Skin types Oily
Age 20
"Best product ever!"
After I scrub my face clean take off my makeup my Finishing Touch is sprinkling the tiniest bit of this powder into my wet hand while in the shower I put it all over my face I can feel it exfoliating the top layer off because of the enzymes. I end up with the softest baby but its skin and I don't have to explain date roughly as often because of it. Thank you so much and Megan Bowen thank you for introducing me to the product. I've now had the bottle for about a year and I still have a lot left cuz I use it sparingly. It's like shaking the amount of salt you would use on a plate of food That's how little you need a little shaking your hand it's already wet cook your other finger swirl around and rub it on your face until you can feel it having been everywhere literally all you have to do eighth of a teaspoon of the very most. Great job guys thank you so much best part of Devon
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"Don't spend 22$ for a bottle of air."
As much as I wanted to like this product and the result it gave, for how much product you get and the fact that it says for every day use, it's not worth 22$. This will not even last you a month at best. I emailed support about it and their response was, "This is a matter of the manufacturer's intention that we cannot disclose." and left it at that. Most likely better off buying another face wash that does the same thing for half the price and will actually last as long as a face cleanser should last. It's a rip off and the manufacturer probably intended that. If you have the money to spend on something like this then go for it, but if you are looking for something that is affordable and worth it's price, this is not it.
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