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Skin types Dry
Age 28
"love it!!"
Can i just start off with saying that it smells soo good. Not overpowering but mild green tea smell. It is a mild exfoliator and good for everyday as well. I usually use it when i dont feel like using the hard exfoliators and it cleans my skin really well.
i think that it is awesome for traveling since it is not in liquid form but rather a powder form that lathers when you add water to it. For me it kinda does have a little brightening effect as well. I love it and it has lasted me a long time.
Skin types Sensitive
Age 20
"Innovative & Effective"
It gently exfoliates sensitive skin and keeps me away from break outs
Skin types
Age 0
"Smells so good and leaves skin soft!"
I think I made a matcha latte after almost every use of this product. It smells just like it and makes me crave it. lol My skin feels soft after I use this powder wash, and it exfoliates so gently. So much better than abrasive scrubs. Also, the skintertainment! It goes from powder to sudsy foam with water and smells so good.
Skin types
Age 0
I love how my skin feels soft and smooth to the touch after I use this cleanser.... 2 THUMBS UP!
Skin types
Age 0
"Hard-working, but gentle!"
I love this hard-working, but gentle, powder wash! After oil-cleansing, it makes my skin feel clean and smooth. Also, I like the green tea smell! It reminds me of a green tea latte from Starbucks :)

I have oily skin that is prone to redness, but this is more than gentle enough for everyday use. It hasn't caused me any sensitivity issues.
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