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I really want to try this product!! Ive been waiting for it this for a while
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Age 17
"Very cooling!"
This mask is wonderful to use during the summer. It feels nice and minty on the face, and does manage to remove some impurities from the face. It also isn't too uncomfortable when it dries, and my skin feels very cool and refreshed whenever i use it after being exposed to the sun for an entire day. It also does not hurt or cause any discomfort at all when I peel it off of my face. The consistency of it is similar to a very thick toothpaste, making it difficult to spread and a bit off putting. In all honesty, it does smell and feel like toothpaste, but nevertheless, it is still a great mask and I do recommend it for the summer months!
Skin types Combination
Age 22
Okay firstly you guys this product does cool! It's been an hour since I peeled it off and my skin is still cold to the touch. Perfect for summer. But the thing that really made me leave this review is that the peel is SOO mild and I put on such a thin layer (as per instructions) but it still managed to pull out a couple of white heads!! I've never had this happen with any peal off except the charcoal mask so I'm realllyyyy shocked that such a mild peal was able to. There's no effects to my skin tone but pores are definitely tighter. I definitely temcommend this product and I didn't rate it 5/5 for no reason.
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