Pore care & Brightening Recipe


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Have fun with KLAIRS & IM FROM cocktailing recipe!
Mix the two products (1:1 ratio), for pore care & brightening effect.
This will give smoother application as well.

Volume :
Maximizing Cream 50ml
Volcanic Mask 110g
All Skin Types
Made in Korea

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Pore Care & Brightening Cocktail

Mixing the two (maximizing cream & volcanic mask) will care your pores,
and give that brightening effect to your skin.


Cocktailing I'M FROM Volcanic Mask & the BY WISHTREBD Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream (1:1 ratio) tighten pores and enhance the brightening effect. The fine, porous structure special to Jeju volcanic rocks makes them not only great for sebum control, but also for removing additional waste and dead skin cells hidden deep inside the skin. When applying with the maximizing cream, it boosts the vitamin effect enhancing brightness to your overall skin tone. Also, the soft clay & soft texture of the cream will help apply smoother throughout your face, while supplying rich hydration and skin rejuvenation.


Containing 75% Vitamin tree (Sea Buckthorn) water Instead of just basic water, the Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream is made with 75% vitamin tree (Sea Buckthorn) water for an increased absorption to hydrate the skin. Meet the gentle vitamin cream that hydrates on a whole new level for that healthy glow.

Natural vitamin E from Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream The Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream is full of natural Vitamin E with its earth-friendly ingredients such as sunflower seed, macadamia, and palm tree oil. Vitamin E is excellent for rejuvenation of the skin and helps to prevent the appearance of aging and loss of elasticity. For faster, definite results, we recommend using with By Wishtrend's Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advanced Serum.

Volcanic Rock from Volcanic Mask Only found in Jeju Island, these rare volcanic rocks are created from solidified lava that forms as an aftermath of a volcanic eruption. It is a natural, weak alkaline and is greatly effective in absorbing sebum and excess waste. Compared to other mud and minerals, Jeju volcanic rocks also contain sulfur, which works to soothe irritation to cleanse and even-out the skin.

How to use

Step 1. I'M FROM Volcanic Mask + BY WISHTREND Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream
After clsansing, scoop an adequate amount of the volcanic mask and the maximizing cream, and mix it together 1:1 ratio.
Step 2. Then apply it all over your face, and leave it on for 15-20 minutes.
Step 3. Wash off your face with luke-warm water.

This set

    Delivering the power of pure volcanic rocks that were born from the
    wind and waves of the Jeju Island sea, directly to your skin.
    + Contains 8.6% of natural pure volcanic clay
    + Total pore care solution
    + Absorbing Sebum, Removing waste
    + Firming by Rich natural mineral
    #Volcanicmask #Softclaymask #fromJeju 
    Brand : I'M FROM
    Volume : 110g
    All Skin Types 
    Made in Korea 
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    Original Value USD24.41
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      Delivering the power of pure volcanic rocks that were born from the wind and waves of the Jeju Island sea, directly to your skin.+ Contains 8.6% of natural pure volcanic clay+ Total pore care solution+ Absorbing Sebum, Removing waste+ Firming by Rich natural mineral#Volcanicmask #Softclaymask #fromJeju Brand : I'M FROMVolume : 110gAll Skin Types Made...

  • Made with the requests of Wishtrend consumers,
    meet the must-have vitamin cream.
    + 75% of Vitamin Tree (Sea Buckthorn) Water.
    + Included natural Vitamin E.
    + Without stickness and irrtation.
    + Rejuvenating and anti-aging.
    Brand : BY WISHTREND
    Volume : 50ml
    All Skin Types
    Made in Korea
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    Original Value USD27.99

    Made with the requests of Wishtrend consumers,meet the must-have vitamin cream.+ 75% of Vitamin Tree (Sea Buckthorn) Water.+ Included natural Vitamin E.+ Without stickness and irrtation.+ Rejuvenating and anti-aging.Brand : BY WISHTRENDVolume : 50mlAll Skin TypesMade in Korea

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