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"Awesome Exfoliating Toner- Gentle and Gives Results"

This is a great exfoliating toner. It’s not harsh but gentle at least for my skin. I used this as a prep toner followed by my toner and essence. Generally, I use this every 2-3 days. I’ve also used it everyday and it’s gentle enough for my skin. I stopped doing that because my skin no longer needed daily exfoliation. Overall this made my skin & complexion look brighter and more even after the exfoliation. I felt that my following products absorbed into my skin a look better because all the dead skin cells were gone. I would recommend that you start of using it slowly to see how your skin reacts to it as everyone’s skin is different.
Skin types Oily
Age 42
"Excellent product"
I have enjoyed used this toner. I only use it once a day (at night) because using an acid twice a day has an adverse effect on my skin. I have noticed that my acne spots have healed quicker and blackheads are easier to get rid of (softens them). Also, I have noticed that scarring is limited and fades quicker while using this daily. This is important for me as I tend to pick at my face more than I should. As far as pore size reduction, there is some but it hasn't been extreme. All in all, this product is excellent and a great addition to my skincare routine.
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"Harsh at First, Soft After!"
I was using this product to help lighten my hyperpigmentation from healed acne and I have mixed feelings. When I first used the product, it stung in more sensitive areas and was pretty drying. However the end result the next morning was almost worth the few seconds of stinging! My skin looked much brighter and felt so smooth! This stuff is definitely effective but may not be the best for sensitive skin or those with compromised skin barriers.
Skin types Dry
Age 25
"Exfoliating Toner"
I started using this toner a few times a week before I started it using it every other day. Please don't use it everyday and especially right away; that is way too harsh on the skin even if it can tolerate it. I have acne prone skin that gets hyperpigmentation quite easily. I have tried other acid toners, and they slightly work. This toner does burn the skin if you have cuts on your face obviously considering it's an acid. Otherwise it doesn't sting at all. After a few weeks, the hyperpigmentation marks were noticeably much lighter, and I have slightly less acne. This doesn't mean that all the dark marks are gone (none have disappeared) nor is my acne completely gone. I have used this for a little more than a month, and it has worked noticeably well so far. The redness from acne is still there, and there are still small bumps on my face, but I'll have to see the results after a few more months.
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"smoother skin overnight"
this really smoothens out the bumps on my face without any harsh scrubbing or exfoliating. it leaves my skin soft, pores smaller and clear, and I also noticed it helped heal pimples faster. I am a pimple popper (oops?) but this does really help them heal and calm down quicker. it's amazing and this bottle goes a long way!
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