Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water


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"remekül lehet használni"
Most kaptam meg a mintákat , amit köszönök szépen!
Nagyon gyorsan ide ért!
Nem is tudtam ,hogy van ilyen remek mandula sav?
Nekem nagyon száraz hámlik a bőröm.
Felkentem és nem irritál egy kicsit sem!
Köszönöm mégegyszer!
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"The result is good, but ..."
2 weeks after opening the bottle, particles like mold began to float in the toner. This is not visible because of the dark bottle, only on the cotton disk. This is terrible because the toner is new!
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"From free sample to can't live without"
I got lots of mini samples after my first wishtrend purchase and had to buy the full bottle with my next purchase. This stuff has really smoothed out my skin tone and kept my acne at bay! I was so surprised by how well this stuff works!
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" I liked"
It is an excellent product, after washing my face I pass a cotton with a little product and I am surprised that sometimes it comes out dirty, adding this to my routine so that my skin is really clean.
Skin types Sensitive
Age 32
"Кислотный тоник для всех типов кожи."
Беру на постоянной основе. Средство отлично полирует и выравнивает тон кожи. А также хорошо работает с расширенными и грязными порами, очищая и сужая их.
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