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Skin types Sensitive
Age 32
"Кислотный тоник для всех типов кожи."
Беру на постоянной основе. Средство отлично полирует и выравнивает тон кожи. А также хорошо работает с расширенными и грязными порами, очищая и сужая их.
Skin types
Age 0
"really recommend the set!! "
I use this set now around 2 months and I can't say anything bad about it.
At first my skin wold become really oily during the day as it was not used to the products and ingreadients (I think a least ;-))
Now it gets better day by day and my skin is overall definitly looking healthier and not as oily. BTW - my favorite products are the Volcanic Mask and the Serum!
So to sum up I definitly would try the set if you have oily skin that gets breakouts very easily. :)
Skin types Combination
Age 23
I have sensitive combination skin and read the reviews of this product, I thought it would be nice to try. I then got a sample of it in the mail to try. Now note: I usually test new products on a small patch on my skin before using all over but this one time I didn't. I used this after washing my face and followed the directions. 2-3 seconds later I wanted claw my face off it burned so bad. I rinsed my face off for minutes with cold water before it seemed to calm down. The next morning, I had dry patches on my face for about 2 weeks with red bumps everywhere. I never cried so hard at how bad my face looked in all my life. I take pride in my face and aim to take the best care of it. I highly recommend you TEST this on a small patch of your skin before you use it on your entire face like I did.
Skin types Combination
Age 33
"A good sunscreen but ..."
A good sunscreen but it depends on your skin type and climate. I find it very soothing and moisturizing when using it during my travels to drier and colder climate. However it feels quite heavy and sticky when I used it back home where it is hot and humid. I still keep a tube with me at all times though for when I travels
Skin types
Age 0
"Really good"
I've been using this mandelic acid for a month now, at it hasn't break me out and I don't feel any irritation in my face just around my nose because I'm sensitive there but it is just a tingling sensation that it goes away fast, it helped me with my acne and acne scars so far, and even though I don't have sensitive skin I just use it twice per week because it's not a big bottle lol but it does the work!
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