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"Great Product"
The natural ingredients leave your skin glowing. Great product. Highly recommend and would buy again.
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"so cooling and soothing"
So far, I have been using the sample I got from my BF purchase. Since its made of natural ingredient and hearing from Eunice of wishtrend stating that the natural fragrance of mugwort is quite strong, I was expecting a strong smell from this mask but unexpectedly, It was not as strong as I imagine it would be. In fact, the herbal scent of the mask was quite mild. This mask was so hydrating and cooling to use! I enjoyed using this gel-based mugwort mask. It really cools down my skin temperature and made it feel smooth afterward and well hydrated. It was my first time trying a skincare with mugwort and the experience was positive. I also got my hand on the mugwort essence. I can't wait to use both products eventually.! :)
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"I'm in love!!"
First off, I'm going to sound like a weirdo...but I don't care. This stuff smells like baby food! Peas, specifically, and it makes me wish my toddlers were babies again. I put this on last night and felt absolute joy and nostalgia. I love it for that alone.
Second, my skin felt so smooth after using this. I followed it up with the I'm From Honey Mask (because why not) and my skin felt ridiculously soft. It also helped reduce a pimple I've been battling. I'd recommend this mask to anyone. I really love this brand.
Skin types Normal
Age 24
"Give me back the money"
I would like to write a review of this product, but unfortunately, I paid for it, but did not receive it. It simply is not present anywhere. I had 4 parcels, which the seller broke into many boxes, and the tracking number sent only one for each order. Unpleasantly surprised by the service of your store. My order came in part. And where is the rest of the ??? Your store did not put me much of my order.
New Year's holidays are spoiled and gifts are not given to relatives and friends. I write on e-mail, but no one is owling me.
Awful service. Awful attitude to the buyer. I am disappointed.
Give me back the money for the goods that I did not get !!!!
Skin types Dry
Age 32
"the best mask I've tried"
This mask is wonderful, it leaves the skin clean and illuminated, soft and very hydrated, I have already spent two cans and my skin continues to love it, its aroma is delicious and it feels very fresh when using it, I highly recommend it
/ 5
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