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Skin types Normal
Age 24
"Give me back the money"
I would like to write a review of this product, but unfortunately, I paid for it, but did not receive it. It simply is not present anywhere. I had 4 parcels, which the seller broke into many boxes, and the tracking number sent only one for each order. Unpleasantly surprised by the service of your store. My order came in part. And where is the rest of the ??? Your store did not put me much of my order.
New Year's holidays are spoiled and gifts are not given to relatives and friends. I write on e-mail, but no one is owling me.
Awful service. Awful attitude to the buyer. I am disappointed.
Give me back the money for the goods that I did not get !!!!
Skin types Dry
Age 32
"the best mask I've tried"
This mask is wonderful, it leaves the skin clean and illuminated, soft and very hydrated, I have already spent two cans and my skin continues to love it, its aroma is delicious and it feels very fresh when using it, I highly recommend it
Skin types Dry
Age 42
"If I had to pick one mask for the rest of time, this is the one!"
The combo of ingredients in this mask are amazing! The extracts and oils calm redness and irritation, it gives my skin that glow others talk about but I've only had after using this mask. No added fragrance but this one smells...muddy? I couldn't care less as it is so effective and kind to my skin.
Skin types Sensitive
Age 23
"I found my favourite mask"
I rarely leave review, cause I am quite hard to please, I purchased the honey counterpart of this mask, I used it a lot but got tired of it and was quite sticky, so I bought this to try another kind of mask different from moisture and I now can say I really like this and it's my favourite one yet, it doesn't require much, it dries on your face and makes your face brighter and clean straight away (complying with the cleansing process). I would like to recommend this.
Skin types Sensitive
Age 39
"Excellent mask - works as advertised"
I have used this mask to help draw pimples to a head and reduce the inflammation. This mask isn't drying at all but it is soothing and does have a strong herbal smell that fades as it dries. On pimples there is some tingly, pinchy sensation that comes occasionally while the mask is on. As I am unfortunate enough to have lots of swelling and inflammation without the acne actually emerging, this has been fantastic in addition to the advertised benefits. I have sensitive skin and found it non-irritating. It doesn't slip about when applied and leaves much less residue than the honey mask when rinsed.
/ 5
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