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Skin types Oily
Age 17
"Triggered a Slight Breakout but Fine Otherwise"
I have oily and acne prone skin and my skin hasn't been breaking out for the past year or so due the acne medication that I've been prescribed so when I tried out the Magnolia Wake Essence, I was a little bit disappointed to find my skin starting to break out a little bit by the end of the day.

I thought it was just because it was a new product so my skin was adjusting but every time I would apply the essence, at the end of the day I would have three or four new pimples when I didn't have any prior.

I'm not sure if it's entirely because of the essence or something else so I'm not discounting the product entirely. I adore the scent of the essence and the packaging is quite nice as well but I didn't see any benefits for my own skin this time around.

Acne reaction aside, I didn't notice my skin having any terrible reactions so I wouldn't recommend it but I also wouldn't recommend against the product either.
Skin types Combination
Age 27
I bought it for the pretty packaging because it was on a good discount. It smells pretty and is hydrating but I'm not sure what else it does. I do enjoy using it in the morning, but won't be repurchasing.
Skin types
Age 0
"magnolia wake essence"
I love the smell of this product. my skin has changed with me using this as part of my skin care routine.
Skin types Combination
Age 22
"Switched review with review of CORSX Sunscreen!"
So after clearing up my mistake, I will talk about the CORSX Sunscreen here and if your interested in my review of the Magnolia Essence go to my review to the CORSX Sunscreen!

So for the CORSX Sunscreen. I actually like it, but I have to admit that the texture is too thick for me, so I mixed it up with the Klairs Soothing Serum to make it lighter, which worked perfectly.
Skin types
Age 0
"Esperaba más"
Por las reseñas esperaba más de este producto. Mi piel es mixta deshidratada y pensé que sería ideal para mi, sin embargo, no es suficiente hidratación para mi tipo de piel.
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