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Age 0
"Works best for my oily/combination skin"
its been two months that i am using this toner and i have no complains.
It has well suited my oily / combination skin and doing great hydrating job.
Skin types Combination
Age 27
"Amaaaaazing anti-aging product!!!"
I'm entering my upper-20s and have already started developing a frown line between my bros, on my forehead and my smile lines around my mouth are becoming more pronounced. Within just 2 weeks my smile lines have plumped back up and I can't see the frown lines anymore! I LOVE this product. It's AMAZING!
Also, it's super lightweight - it just feels like water. I've had acne well into my 20s but this hasn't irritated my skin at all nor does it negatively affect the oiliness / dryness of my skin.
Skin types Combination
Age 34
"Love it!"
This is one product that I constantly use everyday. Not sure about the efficacy, but I like this one better than sulwhasoo FCAS and sk2 FTE.
Skin types Combination
Age 27
This actually helped with my fine lines and helped my skin to repair faster especially after I popped those pesky pimples.
Skin types Oily
Age 21
"Holy Blue Treasure ♥"
I started to use this serum immediately after receiving it. I like its blue colour and the fact that it is not scented very much. In the beginning I had a problem with applying it. Drops flow down the skin very fast. I recommend to lean back your head a bit so the surface won´t be so steep. After squeezing the drops out try to spread them fast but gently. After a few seconds you don´t feel anything on your face - it´s very lightweight.

Packaging of 20 ml was enough for about two months what is very surprising! My skin looked fresh, brightened, smooth and firmed a bit. My skin´s texture was like a baby´s one.

Read my complete review here → http://blog-de-la-licorne.blogspot.sk/2017/10/klairs-midnight-blue-youth-activating.html
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