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"Nothing changed"
I was also using this for like 2 bottles but nothing has changed. I threw away another half bottle of it. Nothing special.
Skin types Oily
Age 21
it's stuff is so good. when I first started using I didn't think it was working and then I stopped and went back to it and realised how good my skin was when I use it everyday. be patient with it first and then you noticed your skin become smoother and softer with reduction in pore size and generally soothing of inflamed skin.
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"Good serum"
I love this serum because of its watery texture. It absorbs so well. I don't have to wait so long for the next step of skin care. Furthermore, it can be mixed with other serums. In the first month after using this serum, there seemed no change in my skin. After combing this serum and vitamin C together, my friends recognize the difference in my skin. It looks glowy. The fantastic things such as reducing wrinkle or improving the appearance of the fine line don't happen to me. However, I don't care so much about these wrinkles because we age after all. I only need a healthy skin without redness or acne scars. Moreover, I hope that Wishtrend will produce a larger size of this serum. This small bottle can only be used up to 1,5 months when you use it every night, and it's pricy compared to other serum I have used.
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"bad product"
Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop is not a good product.
I have been used this product for seven months, but this product have not working well in my skin.

do not loss your money in this
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"Very gentle"
The serum is very gentle and works fine :)
I recommend it for people with dry skin or dry patches of skin
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