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"Literally just blue water"
You'd better skip this product and spend your money more wisely on things that actually make a difference to your skin. I vehemently do not recommend buying 20ml of blue irrelevance.
This product did nothing to my skin and I've been using this for a month or a little more. It has just one anti-aging ingredient which is adenosine - and it comes last in the ingredient list. It is supposed to lessen the appearance of wrinkles but I havent noticed any difference since using this product.
My skintype: normal to dry combination skin.
Skin types Combination
Age 19
"Incredible! "
I got this serum in the Kennie J.D. box and I'm so happy with it! I'm still only 18 (almost 19) so aging isn't yet one of my concerns, but I smile a lot which has caused some small smile lines around my mouth which really annoys me. My skin texture also isn't great and my skin gets easily red. This serum has helped my skin in so many ways! Whenever I use it I wake up with much better skin than the night before. It's less red and my skin has become a lot smoother. After having used it for about 3 weeks I can even say that my smile lines have diminished a bit! I think you could get even better results for anti-aging if you were in your twenties or thirties since you'll have more "aging signs" than when you're 18 like me. But I would also really recommend it for people with acne or sensitive skin. The texture is very thin so it sinks into the skin very fast and doesn't leave any residue. This is definitely a serum for many people of many ages! I'm only sad that it's 20 ml. Looking at how much I've used, it'll last me about two months total (but I've already ordered 2 more bottles....;) ).
Skin types Combination
Age 37
"Best serum!"
Love this serum. It’s so light and fast absorbing. It improved my skin tone and calmed my skin. However, it runs out so quickly. On my second bottle now.
Skin types Combination
Age 24
"really good, but don't stop using it"
what I mean by this is that when you use it you don't really see the difference, but when you stop you do. When I using this bottle, I will for sure repurchase! It is really calming when combined with the blue cream and the soothing cream.
Skin types Combination
Age 30
"Holy grail"
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