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Esto es todo un basico que necesitas tener en tu rutina. Me fascinaron los productos de etsa marca, sin duda los comprare siempre !
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"Really wanted to like these products..."
I ordered this package in January of 2018 and continued to use it through most of June 2018. I followed the suggested directions included with the package and, at first, saw pretty good results. I noticed that my skin tone was brightened and more even. I did not use the Midnight Blue Calming Cream very often, as it seemed to have either no real effect or a negative effect on my skin depending on when I used it (which was kind of disappointing considering the package comes with SO MUCH of it, haha). The products I initially liked the most were the toner and the essence, however, at some point between those 5 months I was using it, I started developing small, itchy bumps on my forehead area specifically, and in the last month I was using it they pretty much covered my entire face (this could have been due to stress of exams, though). This was all quite surprising to me as I have pretty normal skin and have only reacted badly to products about once or twice in my life. I'm not sure if the drastic change in weather in my state had something to do with the gradual reaction, but I was first using it during average temperatures of around 35 degrees F, and by the time I quit using it the weather was averaging high 80s/low 90s each day. I really wish that this package had continued to work for me (not only because I spent a pretty penny on it lol) but also because they seem like really good quality products that generally work for a lot of people.
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"The Best Thing I’ve Ever Done for My Skin!!!"
I’ve only recently gotten into Korean skincare methods (or any skincare really), and it was because of your amazing YouTube videos. I have tried a few American products as a teen, but they didn’t do much. What I never realized until I discovered Wishtrend was 1) the alcohol content in the products was the reason my skin never reacted well & 2) I actually have fairly sensitive skin! I always thought I just had naturally rosy cheeks or something, but it was actually slightly red from mild-but-constant irritation. I had no idea what truly healthy skin was like until I tried this package. Just applying these products amazed me, because the difference between them and the products I used before were so vast. And now my skin is super soft all the time! I never knew it was possible. Thank you so much, Wishtrend/WishtrendTV!!! God bless you for the amazing stuff you do everyday
Skin types Sensitive
Age 21
"Best skincare items I ever owned!"
I recently had issues with my skin, redness,acne and dryness. I didn't realize I had sensitive skin/irritated skin till I watched WishTrend's video. I went to a dermatologist about my skin condition but the cleanser and cream i was given didn't help any of my skin problems. I was hesitant at first when purchasing the kit, but today I am happy that I made the decision to purchase the full kit. I still have issues with redness sometimes but I am happy to say that my skin is better than before! After just a week I saw results! I am excited to try out other items from WishTrend! Thank you to everyone in the company and the Brand in creating a skincare that genuinely helps the consumers.
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Age 24
"Good products, but.."
I just received my package. I like everything in it. So far, nothing has irritate my skin. The only negative thing i noticed was the soothing cream in the tube. It looks like it is only filled 2/3 of the tube. I am not sure if this is a production issue or if the soothing cream comes like that. I was quite disappointed though.
Overall, it is a good deal for those products.
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