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Skin types Normal
Age 25
"Great starting point"
I have used this package for a week now, and this is my very first korean skincare. I think it's really convenient to have all steps in one package, really beginner friendly. I have pretty normal skin which can dry out easily, because I work in a dry environment so I wanted to start with moisturizing. All the products provided me moisture, my skin feels really soft and hydrated. My favourites were the toner and the cream. They are just amazing and I love their scent aswell. I used one little toner bottle for a week so this package can last up to 5 weeks, which I think pretty good.
Skin types Combination
Age 22
"Great set !"
Like everything in the set ! Highly recommend!
Skin types Sensitive
Age 32
"Great deal."
I love the serum and toner from Klairs and have used them as a part of my daily routine for nearly three years. They have kept my reactive/sensitive skin moist and hydrated without an issue.
I do like the rich, moist cream and use it more in the winter as I find it too heavy for the summer. I also use it year round at night on my lips and wake up with plump, hydrated lips. I have found that when I stop doing this and only use my lip balm, my lips are usually chapped and peeling.
The one product I did not like, for which one star is removed was the face wash. It did not suit my skin at all. It felt tight and dry after washing. Given that my skin is sensitive and rosacea-prone, I am not surprised that a foaming wash does not suit. I gave the wash to my brother who found it to work well for him and has decreased his acne.
The package in itself was a great deal. I especially loved the travel sized bottles as I have to travel a lot. I am now reusing the bottles for things like face wash and Moroccan hair oil.
Skin types Combination
Age 20
"Quick delivery and quality products"
This Rich Moist Package is perfect! It contains all the products I love and need for my daily skin routine for a really attractive price. The delivery was also extremely quick (got my package just 3 days after ordering!) and it came with loads of samples which I am truly grateful for. I have been using the Klairs' toner for ages now and absolutely love it, it does a wonderful job of prepping my skin before I put makeup on. The serum is nice and cool which I really appreciate in the warmer months, and the moisturizing cream is a nice day cream which doesn't leave a greasy finish at all and allows for a smooth makeup application.
Skin types
Age 0
"Long time user"
there's really nothing much to say, klairs works for my skin !
when i get a little oily and dont want to pile on the creams for the daytime, i settle with the toner and serum

my skin still feels hydrated throughout the day!
/ 5
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