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"Love it "
I really enjoy this product because I have oily skin and most of the serum I have bought from other websites make my skin even more oily. But this serum really gives my skin a good type of glow. Although this product is thick for my face I still enjoy using it for my night routine.
Skin types Oily
Age 25
it's the best cream that i had ever used ! I tried many brands of cream but i had never used something as hydrated as this one! I can never use other brands ever again
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"Must have "
I used this cream for 1 month, the cream is very nice, specially after I put on my face I feel cool and it is so smooth. When I use this cream with Klair essence sunscreen, my skin looks perfect.
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"Moisturizes without being greasy "
Love the product :)
Skin types Combination
Age 37
"a cream for ALL TYPES of skin"
This moisturizer is very nice. It locks all the products you put before this step. You will feel that your face is so hydrated when you wake up in the morning. I suggest to apply this at night as a sleeping mask.
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