Toner Mate 2 in 1 Cotton Pad


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#tonermate #2in1

The smartest way to use the Klairs toner.
Two types of facial cotton pads to maximize
the effects of the Klairs toner in one box.

Brand : KLAIRS
Volume : 120 EA
(Compressed cotton pad 60EA +
Sponge pad 60EA)
Made in Korea
All Skin Types

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Two types of high-end
facial cotton pads in one box.

#Tonermate #2in1

Two types of facial cotton pads to maximize the effects of the Klairs toner in one box.
Double the effects of your skin care with the 5x compressed cotton pad and
a sponge pad filled with hydration.


Compressed cotton pad : 100% cotton for soft, smooth skin. #certified #purecotton #smoothskin A certified 100% pure cotton pad designed for the Klairs toner, compressed 5 times with the waterjet process. Wipe away irritants and gently exfoliate for soft, smooth skin. Use before other skin care products to help aid absorption.

Sponge pad : Increase the hydration, decrease the amount. #sensitiveskinOK #hydrationsensation Air laid pulp fabric designed to act like a sponge. Doesn’t absorb, but soaks up the toner to effectively deliver the full hydration to the skin. Rather than wiping, use a patting motion to calm and cool irritated skin.


How to use

Step1. After cleansing, soak the Compressed cotton pad thoroughly with the Klairs toner and gently wipe the face, removing any irritants.
Step2. Soak the sponge pad with an adequate amount of the toner and gently pat the skin,
allowing absorption.


Compressed cotton pad  100% cotton
Sponge pad  pulp + rayon blend

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?? Location : Skin types : Age : Location : Really like these lol
5/5 I like these a lot and make my skin feel super clean but just wish there were more cotton pads, like 2 sections for sponge pads and 2 sections instead of 1 for cotton pads, but besides that, this product is great
?? Location : Skin types : Age : Location : #1
5/5 I truly fell in love with this product. The product gets the job done and leaves my skin clean/moisturized. I recommend using it with the klairs facial toner.
?? Location : Skin types : Age : Location : Love love but.......
5/5 I love these compressed cotton pads but you guys should come out with just the middle pads so you can get more ! I’ve brought 4 of these already but I go through the middle pads very quickly and I have a lot of the other spong ones left because I don’t use them as often as the other ones . Be nice to have more of the other ones
?? Location : Skin types : Age : Location : Feels good
5/5 I don't usually use any kind of pads for skincare but these came in a bundle that i purchased. I usually just spray toner or use my hands but these cotton pads feel really good on the skin, I just want to keep on swiping it around my face lol It's a really perfect combo with the klair's supple preparation toner
?? Location : Skin types : Age : Location : Shockingly effective
5/5 I am not one to follow every new beauty fad and try every new beauty product. When I find what works I stick to it, I spend more on after care than on cleansing, and I don't like to spend money on products that are only good for one use. After double cleansing bare skin (no make up) I used the compressed cotton pad to apply toner and was shocked at the dirt that one swipe collected! I did a double-take, no joke! Since then I use these pads regularly. I use the more puffed cotton pads for sheet masking and it does as good a job as a sheet mask.

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