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Klair's flawless skin care secret
Now cleanse all the dirt from your skin away.
Deep cleansing package consisted
for every skin type, now you don't have
to apear cleansing all the dirt even though 
you have a sensitive skin type.

[KLARIS] Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish have been renewed !
The prices have changed due to the product's improvement
in capacity. (volume 60g > 110g)

Brand : KLAIRS
Volume : 
Cleansing Oil 150ml +
Facial Polish 110g +
Charcoal Soap 1EA +
Facial Toner 180ml +
Cotton Pad 120pads (Free gift)
All Skin Types
Made in Korea 

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This set

  • KLAIRS Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish has been renewed
    and improved to reflect the requests of our customers.
    ※ Check the 4 FREE points
    Cruelty free / Alcohol free / Silicone free / Pigment free
    + Increased volume by 80%.
    + Vegan friendly.
    + Exfoliates dead skin cells.
    + Eliminates the waste from the skin.
    + Controls your blackheads and excessive sebum.
    + Moisturize the dry skin.
    Brand :
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    Original Value USD18.40
    Reduced price!

    KLAIRS Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish has been renewed and improved to reflect the requests of our customers.※ Check the 4 FREE pointsCruelty free / Alcohol free / Silicone free / Pigment free+ Increased volume by 80%.+ Vegan friendly.+ Exfoliates dead skin cells.+ Eliminates the waste from the skin.+ Controls your blackheads and excessive sebum.+...

  • + Mild cleansing of black oil.
    + Ingredients extracted from nature.
    + Deep cleansing the pores.

    Brand : KLAIRS
    Volume : 150ml
    All Skin Types
    Made in Korea
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    Original Value USD18.32
    Reduced price!

    + Mild cleansing of black oil.+ Ingredients extracted from nature.+ Deep cleansing the pores. Brand : KLAIRSVolume : 150mlAll Skin TypesMade in Korea

  • + Last step of pore care.
    + Natural Charcoal soap for exfoliation.
    + Cleansing soap from nature.
    Brand : KLAIRS
    Volume : 
    Before drying 120g
    After drying 100g
    All Skin Types
    Made in Korea
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    Original Value USD10.32
    Reduced price!

    + Last step of pore care.+ Natural Charcoal soap for exfoliation.+ Cleansing soap from nature.Brand : KLAIRSVolume : Before drying 120gAfter drying 100gAll Skin TypesMade in Korea

  • #tonermate #2in1
    The smartest way to use the Klairs toner.
    Two types of facial cotton pads to maximize
    the effects of the Klairs toner in one box.
    Brand : KLAIRS
    Volume : 120 EA
    (Compressed cotton pad 60EA +
    Sponge pad 60EA)
    Made in Korea
    All Skin Types
    ...read more
    Original Value USD5.20
    Reduced price!

    #tonermate #2in1The smartest way to use the Klairs toner.Two types of facial cotton pads to maximize the effects of the Klairs toner in one box. Brand : KLAIRSVolume : 120 EA(Compressed cotton pad 60EA +Sponge pad 60EA)Made in KoreaAll Skin Types

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?? Location : Skin types : Age : Location : Give it a try!
5/5 I've been ordering from wish trend for two years and I'm now finally leaving a review. This kit was one of my first purchases from wish trend after seeing it recommended on a youtube video (from biibiibeauty). Now here's a little back ground of my skin journey, I've suffered from mild acne for most of my childhood (from 12 years old) until my adult years (20's). I have probably used every western product on my face and have gone to a hand full of doctors. Nothing compares to the results I have with this kit. My skin isn't perfect, but it has improved tremendously with these products. It feels and looks healthier, brighter, more hydrated, and now the only times I get acne is during that time of the month. I think what sets these products apart from other brands that I have used in the past is that it does not dry out my skin, growing up I was told the only way to beat acne was to dry it out but that's not the case at least for my skin. So if you are looking for a start, start with this kit and then build a skin care regimen that tailors to your skin care needs.
?? Location : Skin types : Age : Location : So good
I really love it.
?? Location : Skin types : Age : Location : Perfect cleansing line
I ordered this set now the second time because I loved it so much and will do it a third, fourth,..... time as well. It's so well balanced and everything feels great on the skin. It doesn't feel like your skin is too dry after cleansing it which sometimes happens with a lot of different cleansing steps. Can't live without any of these products and recommended it even to my friends which also ordered it.

Cleansing Oil:
The oil doesn't remove my mascara completely but I tend to remove my eye makeup in an extra step so it doesn't really bothers me. The smell of the product is really great and it leaves a really moisturized feeling on the skin without feeling heavy. It really cleans the whole skin very well.

Facial Polish:
I really like to remove the waste on my skin with the facial polish once or twice a week (depends on my skin condition). What I really like on this specific product is that I can choose if I want to have a really intense peeling effect or a subtle one because I always mix it together with the cleansing oil. It leaves your skin extremely smooth afterwards and my makeup looks absolutely flawless if I used it.

Charcoal Soap:
This soap is the perfect fit for the oil. It gently removes traces of the oil and the rest of makeup (if there's still some left). It's really foamy and fun to use. It also doesn't leave your skin dry.

Facial Toner:
This is literally my favourite toner of the whole world. I tried out so many different ones but nothing feels the same. The toner is quite thick compared to other ones which feel a lot more like water. It feels really nourishing and moisturizing and makes your skin glowy and perfect. I also really like to make my own sheet masks with this particular toner because my skin feels so good afterwards. Best toner ever!
?? Location : Skin types : Age : Location : Very nice cleansing kit!
4/5 I really liked this package. Everything worked for me except for the soap, which I wouldn't recommend for people with dry skin. However, I gave it to my roommate who has oily skin and she really likes it!
The cleansing oil is nice and rich, it doesn't have an offensive scent (smells a bit hanbang) and emulsifies well. I like that it turns white if you add water. It lasted me for about 4-5 months.
The scrub is great when paired with the oil! You just have to mix them together to create a gentle scrub that is not as harsh. The oil and scrub combined smell like barbecue sauce for some reason.
The toner is nice and hydrating and also has a hanbang scent. It did work for me but could be slightly irritating. I later found out that I'm allergic to aloe so I guess that's what caused it. Nevertheless a good product!
The cotton pads are great! I like that you get flat ones and spongy ones. I made myself a mini sheet mask many times using the sponge pads! Great product.
So all in all this box was a good investment!
?? Location : Skin types : Age : Location : Great features
5/5 Love this product. After using it just one time I could definitely see a difference in my skin. It let my skin feeling super soft and healthy. My skin is really sensitive so I was really scare of using the scrub but after usin it with the oil clenser I could defently see that is really gently for sensitive skin.

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