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Amazing set, I love it! Specially KLAIRS Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil, cleans everything.
Skin types Combination
Age 28
"Great cleansing package"
I have combination to sensitive skin and can be very dry during the winter. This package does wonders for my morning and night cleansing all year round. I got my husband to start using it and he loves the feeling after the cleanse. His skin is oily and sensative. He shaves too; therefore, he will break out like crazy after a shave. This package really help balance the oil on his face and the breakout after he shave. I can now touch his face without being yelled at.
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this is a very good set! all you need for a good morning routine! the black sugar scrub is long lasting I tell you. I still have half a tub even though its been so long. all you need is a bit. the toner is amazing and so is the black soap!
Skin types Combination
Age 25
"Not so free shipping"
And i thought this is free shipping
Skin types Combination
Age 21
liked cleansing oil and soap, but not so sure about gentle black sugar.
maybe it doesn't work for my skin, but then i'm also not a fan of the idea of exfoliating with a sugar.
than i guess it's sort of a prejudice.
toner is fine, but i prefer unscented version.
/ 5
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