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"Dry skin has been conquered!"
I hated waking up with dry skin. It was uncomfortable and I had to put lotion on my face multiple times a day. This blue cream is magic. It’s cooling, helps me sleep, and I wake up to smooth hydrated skin in the morning! Rosacea friendly too!
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"Aabsolutely amazing!"
So much better than I expected!
I got this for a friend who had such irritated skin everything burned. This product not only did not burn but also calmed and restored her skin barrier within days. I love it as well for general calming and acne calming. Defiantly a staple in my skin care.
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"Me gusto mucho"
Me encanto la crema azul me llegó hoy, así que muy feliz pero tengo una pregunta se puede usar en el día?
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although it was a bit expensive side to buy the bigger size but omg my skin love it
i have an oily skin but also sensitive so this product helped me too at calming my irritated places on my face
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"Great for full face threading"
I am oily and acne prone, and I get monthly full face threading. I usually do aloe vera gel to cool my skin. But I still have some breakouts that last for a week. With this cream it only took 3 nights to bring all of my inflammation down!! I'm sure if I were to use this day and night it would have been less time but its summer/humid where I live rn so creamy day cream is a no go. It's also great to use when you wear retinol. You don't wake up as dry the next day.
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