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"Best Snail Creme and Essence"
This was my first purchase of Cosrx Advance snail creme and Essence.. Now i don't remember how many empties I have.

Must buy for Normal, oily, and dehydrated/oily skin types.

Helps to Hydrate, smooth skin and reduce fine lines.
Skin types Normal
Age 20
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I'm not able to add this product to my cart
Skin types Combination
Age 23
"Fantastic Products and very nourishing/healing"
I love these snail products. I originally had just used the Snail Mucin Essence, but opted to get the Combo package with the Snail Mucin Cream as well, and it has not disappointed me. It is extremely nourishing to my skin and leaves my skin feeling super hydrated and just healthy in general. I use it as my last product to seal in everything I layered on before. It does leave a slight tacky feeling for the first 5 to 10 minutes but once it really sinks in, that goes away. Both have made my skin more even in tone, hydrated, and healed my skin much faster. Especially when I get a blemish, that aftermark from the blemish disappears about a day or two quicker with these products. It is very slimy/stretchy, so if you don't like Snail Mucin like that, then this might not be your favorite product haha. I would recommend this to everybody as it is extremely gentle for every skin type. And for acne prone people with scars and blemish aftermarks because it is so healing. I even use it after shaving and it makes sure my skin stays nourished/healed after such a harsh action towards the skin.
Skin types Dry
Age 25
I wanted to have moisturizers free from paraben and all those staff which led me to Korean cosmetics. And after all those very attractive reviews I bought a bunch of goodies. So this snail cream is a good replacement for my previous moisturizers. Neither thick nor light. I don't feel any stickiness too. It has a very little smell so that's also a point I liked. I have little pigmentation underlips bcz of whiteheads. And for the first time they are fading slowly, and whiteheads are also less. That's awesome! I'm using it for two weeks.It's just I have to layer twice sometimes as my skin is super dehydrated. Overall it's nice so far.
Skin types Dry
Age 24
"Good package deal and worth more than what you pay for"
Omg these products have made me fallen in love with snail products - well as least cosrx ones. This is such a good deal getting the cream and essence together. I use the essence as part of my nighttime skincare routine and I use the cream in the morning as a moisturiser/barrier underneath my foundation. Both provide excellent moisture and help in scarring and pigmentation on the skin. I also love that the cream comes with a little spatula for hygiene (although I think I just lost it recently)
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