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Skin types Combination
Age 55
"bit too sticky"
this cream is not bad but its stickiness makes me to bee finished as soon as possible with it and no more repurchase. the jar is half full when you open it first time so it would be done relatively quickly :)
Skin types Oily
Age 36
I was really excited to receive this. But once I opened it, there was LESS than half the amount I expected. Of course, I didn't expect any kind of creams/serums/etc to be filled to the brim, but at least a generous amount to last me through a month or 2. This bottle looked like it was half used and then some! I assure you the bottle was still sealed and closed in it's plastic packaging, so I'm sure the amount was through the factory. For the price you paid for, definitely not worth it.
Skin types Dry
Age 23
"Impressive and satisfied with the product!"
Bought this while looking for a moisturiser and I must say this red cream really impressed me. I applied this only at night after my serum and woke up with clear, bright and well moisturised skin the next morning. This product didn't break me out and my skin didn't feel dry. The texture of the red cream was more of a gel like cream kind of texture. It spreads easily and apply too much of it will feel sticky. Was supposed to give a 5 star but I minus 0.5 star due to the leakage when I received the product.
/ 5
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