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Skin types Combination
Age 20
"BEST BB-cream! "
this is the best bb-cream that I've ever tried and I am really in love with it. I like how natural it looks on my skin and it is moisturizing :)
it doesn't have a really really matte finish, more a glowy/dewy finish (but not too glowy), that is also a reason why I love it so much.
40g and still haven't used it up till now (good price for what you get)

freshly juiced vitamin drop: I liked it but you have to be patient to see the results (good for sensitive skin)
Skin types Combination
Age 38
"Stock available "
When is stock available ?
Skin types Combination
Age 26
"Good combo"
I bought this combo because I really wanted to try both the foundation and the vitamin c serum. I absolutely love the Vitamin C, it is so hydrating and good for my severe dehydrated skin. Because my skin is so dehydrated, it seems to react to a some common ingredients (itching and scaling). This happened with the Klairs BB cream, but as my skin is getting better, the BB cream seems to work better for my skin. I also like to blend a couple of drops of the Vit C serum with my primer/base before applying BB cream, this works really well.
Skin types Combination
Age 18
The bb cream gives the korean looking dewy skin and is not sticky at all, even after few hours. It's moisturising enough, yet doesn't cause much sebum production even living in a humid country like Malaysia. The serum wise I've only used it once, but the texture is AWESOME! Glides on smoothly and my face is at its best state the next morning. Face has never felt this smooth before!
Skin types Oily
Age 32
"the best combination!!!"
Is the second time I order the vitamin drop because is excelent! If you have an oily skin, you're going to feel the diference from the first use. But is the first time I use the Illuminating supple & now I'm in love with it. I wasn´t very sure because I didn't know if it will match with my skin tone because I'm not very light, but it surprised me that is very natural. I read an article after I order & I though it wasn't be good for me because I read it was for skin tones lighter ta mine. But I have a surprise that it look very good in me. I don't use a lot, just a small porción and it lights my skin. I leave you the link of the article, and, if as a reference, my skin tone in MAC is NC40 http://www.wishtrend.com/glam/makeup-artist-tip-color-matching-klairs-bb-cream/
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