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"Perfect product for me!"
I’m 49 with very dry, sensitive skin. Any kind of foundation, BB cream, different brands and price ranges.. I’ve always been disappointed, it settles into all the fine lines in my face making me look even older..
Klairs products were introduced to me through a coworker. I’m SO HAPPY she did!! Because I love it and so does my skin!! Thank you!!
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Age 33
When I purchased first time i was little apprehensive but second time i wanted to buy because the klairs really let me glow. It gave me a coverage and protection which I wanted the most.
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"Best Glow Makeup Set"
WOW! This is my first time purchasing this set and I must say that I really enjoy the benefits of using this! I have sensitive skin and I only wear this set, seriously nothing else goes on my face as I barely wear makeup period. However, I will have a problem looking for a product that claims to give you a glow, because this set alone has done the job. Saves me tons of money going to Sephora or Ulta to look for such a product. Thank you Wishtrend!
Skin types Combination
Age 20
"BEST BB-cream! "
this is the best bb-cream that I've ever tried and I am really in love with it. I like how natural it looks on my skin and it is moisturizing :)
it doesn't have a really really matte finish, more a glowy/dewy finish (but not too glowy), that is also a reason why I love it so much.
40g and still haven't used it up till now (good price for what you get)

freshly juiced vitamin drop: I liked it but you have to be patient to see the results (good for sensitive skin)
Skin types Combination
Age 38
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