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"This sheet mask is quite good"
This sheet mask is quite good in terms of rejuvenating and brightening of the skin.
If you have trouble of whiteheads and you apply this at night along with the Vitamin Tree water gel, then the next morning you will find it very easy to exfoliate your skin.

All the waste in your pores will come out really easy.
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makes my skin looks so plumped, hydrated & moisturized each time after application!
Skin types Normal
Age 31
"Vitamin C sheet mask with lots to offer"
This sheet mask was a lifesaver after I stayed out in the sun for too long - after 15 mins with this on, my skin was significantly less red and irritated. As far as scars and hyper pigmentation, there are some improvements but its not very obvious. It has helped to calm breakouts and reduce inflammation, a recommended mask!
Skin types Combination
Age 16
"Good Formula, just Runny"
I got to try this since it was a free gift during Cruelty Free Week, and I ended up buying an 11-pack. I use it along with the Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop serum before and the By Wishtrend Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream afterwards for when I'm trying to really fade acne scars, help flakiness, or if my skin is dull. So it's not my go-to daily/weekly mask (although it would be a great one for you if you're looking for a vitamin one) but it's still amazing with its formula and results. Altogether, they always really help with my acne scars and my dull skin tone. (it's currently summertime for me and the heat always makes my skin dull) It can cause blackheads (NOT acne) though, and my main complaint is the runniness. Thin formulas are fine, but this one always seems to fall onto my neck and chest more than other masks from Wishtrend/Mediheal, which is annoying. I also wish the material were nicer, just because I feel like it's the most lacking compared to the other Wishtrend masks. (A tencel vitamin mask would be so nice!) The shape is also different, being a 1-piece and the eyes more square(? best way to describe it). While I prefer 2-pieces, I do like the unique eye shape as it covers up more of my eye area (Eyebrows, under the eyebrow, and undereye) which is important to me since this is a brightening mask. All in all, I would recommend if you want a moisturizing and/or vitamin brightening sheet mask. And I would recommend using with other vit C products as well.
Skin types Oily
Age 30
la mejor mascarilla que he probado hasta ahora. Piel hidratada y controla las rojeces.
the best mask until now! I really love it! Hydrated skin and controls redness.
/ 5
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