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"my favorite mask"
Friends were asking me about my skin care routine and tell them about wishtrend and now they are visiting their site and they are now wishtrender lol. I love all their products. My skin changes after using their products! Thank u wishtrend.
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Age 21
"Great mask set"
These masks really help you relax. They are cool and refreshing and leave the skin moisturised. I use them two times a week and I feel my blemishes are improving slightly.
Skin types Combination
Age 37
I first received this mask as a sample. Love it after the first tried and bought another 10 pcs. It gives an instant glow and radiance to the skin. Highly recommend this mask.
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"I am impressed"
I got this as a sample and I am very impressed by it. This is the first sheet mask that I like because it didn't feel sticky after I take it off. I have tried mediheal, Dr. Jart lower end sheet masks, Innisfree, the face shop lower end, as well as leaders. All of them had left a sticky finished and I hated it. This one didn't for some reason. I will definitely repurchase.
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"Excellent for treating inflamed acne"
The products in this package are all effective for treating various aspects of inflamed acne, however they should not be used all at once in one session. Here's my opinion on each product:
Vitamin C serum: It does tingle for a few seconds following application however it is tolerable. I have found that out of all the products that I've tried, this product has helped the most in terms reducing the size of my pimples, increased the rate of wound healing for post-inflammatory erythema (PIE) and hyperpigmentation (PIH), as well as smoothed my skin texture.
Vitamin Maximising Cream: Initially I was worried if it would be thick since I have combination-oily skin, however I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was readily absorbed by my skin and gives a matte finish compared to the Vitamin tree moisturiser.
Mandelic acid: By itself I haven't noticed it making a significant impact on my acne. Initially in my excitement, I have tried using this every night for two weeks (don't do that) which seemed to irritate my skin. Currently, using it 1-2 per week at night helps to reduce the tiny bumps that were on my forehead and chin region.
Teca barrier cream: Personally I find this product more effective as forming a protective barrier on patches of dry skin to promote skin healing. However, in terms of treating inflamed acne or PIE, it was ineffective unfortunately in my case.
Face mask: The face mask was incredibly hydrating, however be careful when folding out the face mask as it is delicate and I accidentally ripped it near the upper mouth region the first time I used it. I would also advise NOT to use the mask during the same session as applying the Vitamin C serum as the Niacinamide present in the face mask can reduce the effectiveness of the vitamin C.
Cotton pads: They have a gauze like texture that is suitable to use for exfoliating or removing stubborn make up. However, they are certainly not as gentle as the KHLAIRS cotton pads.
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